The Common People


Rich pickings for the Basnetts and friends.

Now you all know we are totally non-judgemental at Leaky Towers so when we refer to the common people we are talking more about some of the people we discussed in yesterday’s post  who seem to have a lot in common.

They call it partnership working / networking – we call it cronyism and empire building at the expense of the ‘little people’ .The rich enriching themselves and their friends by accessing scarce public resources …..and with Grant Thornton being the common denominator when it comes to auditing there is very little chance of any awkward questions being asked.  We note that the late-to-the-party Daily Mail follow up their own concerns on the matter by belatedly bringing to their readers attention the Peel Group and particularly group director Robert Hough.

Fortunately our own consultant Dr Robert B Smith has been able to remedy any ‘information deficit’ our readers may have when it comes to the following local contacts and connections that have increasingly caused us so much concern :

Board Games (of recent times)

Liverpool City Region (LCR) Combined Authority committee members

ex-Chair Cllr Phil Davies; Leader Wirral Council -, now committee member
Asif Hamid; The Contact Company – committee member

Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) 


Robert Hough; Peel Group (previous Chair until end of June 2016)
Asif Hamid; The Contact Company – previously Vice-Chair, now Chair

Board members 

Cllr Phil Davies; Leader – Wirral Council

Asif Hamid; The Contact Company
Neil Sturmey; Head of Office & Partner, Grant Thornton

Mark Basnett; LCR – LEP (Executive Director in attendance)

Mark Basnett additional company directorships:

Merseyside Special Investment Seed Fund Ltd.
Merseyside Special Investment Venture Fund Ltd
Merseyside Special Investment Venture Fund Two Ltd
Merseyside Special Investment Mezzanine Fund Two Ltd
Merseyside Special Investment Fund Ltd
Merseyside Special Investment (Small Firms) Fund Two Ltd
Merseyside Small Loans For Business Investment Fund Ltd
Small Business Loans Ltd

Wirral Council

Cllr Phil Davies; Leader – Wirral Council

Kevin Adderley; ex-Strategic Director for Regeneration and Environment

Paula Basnett; ex-Investment Manager
Independent Auditor, Grant Thornton

Wirral Chamber of Commerce (WCofC)


Asif Hamid; The Contact Company CEO

Board members

Paula Bernadette Basnett; WCofC CEO (ex-Investment Manager at Wirral Council; ex-head of Invest Wirral; ex-Manager of Egerton House; ex-Wirral Business Partnership CEO).

Cllr Phil Davies; Leader – Wirral Council
Kevin Adderley; WCofC Group Managing Director (ex-Wirral Council Strategic Director for Regeneration and Environment)
Sue Higginson; Principal, Wirral Metropolitan College
John Syvret; CEO, Cammell Laird (Peel Group)

Wirral Investment Network (Management) Ltd

Asif Hamid; The Contact Company CEO, Director

Paula Bernadette Basnett; WCofC CEO, Director
(No other Directors)

Egerton House (Wirral) Community Interest Company

Asif Hamid; The Contact Company CEO, Director
Paula Bernadette Basnett; WCofC CEO, Director
(No other Directors)

The Lauries Ltd

Asif Hamid; The Contact Company CEO, Director
Paula Bernadette Basnett; WCofC CEO, Director
Kate Eugeni; Head of Training and Education at Wirral Chamber of Commerce

Paula Bernadette Basnett; WCofC CEO, Secretary

Lauries Events Ltd

Asif Hamid; The Contact Company CEO, Director
Paula Bernadette Basnett; WCofC CEO, Director
Kate Eugeni; Head of Training and Education at Wirral Chamber of Commerce

Wirral Metropolitan College – Governors

Sue Higginson; Principal, Wirral Metropolitan College

Paula Bernadette Basnett; WCofC CEO
Richard Mawdsley; Director of the Peel Group
Grant Thornton (Auditors in attendance)

Join the dots

The Hive – Wirral Youth Zone

John Syvret; Chair (CEO, Cammell Laird [Peel Group])
Cllr Phil Davies; Leader – Wirral Council
Kate Eugeni; Head of Training and Education at Wirral Chamber of Commerce
Phil Garrigan Deputy Chief Fire Officer of Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service

Saughall Massie Fire Station proposal

Could this be the trade-off for the Birkenhead site for The Hive/Wirral Youth Zone between Wirral Council and Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service…?

Wirral Waters

Peel Group
Wirral Council

Egerton House (WCofC)

Pacific Road (WCofC)
The Contact Company 26.03.2015 Liverpool Echo – The Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership and Wirral Chamber of Commerce have also provided Asif Hamid’s company with additional support. (£11m reported costs, at least 75% reported as public funding)

Wirral Metropolitan College Wirral Waters campus for Construction and the Built Environment (£8m public funding)
Tower Road ‘A’ & ‘C’ Bridge replacements to service Ro-Ro Ferry £7.12m all public funding incl £712k from Wirral Council – Peel £0

Now join more dots…..

Who was ‘instrumental’ in the failed £175m International Trade Centre as part of a move to kick-start the £4.6bn Wirral Waters project.

Who went to China to meet Stella Shiu?

Who met Stella Shiu when she visited Wirral?

Who went to Reno?

Who went to the Isle of Man?

Who was responsible for administering and investigating the Business Investment Grants (BIG), Investment Start Up Scheme (ISUS), and Working Neighbourhoods, schemes?


20 thoughts on “The Common People

  1. G’day Leaks

    Pity their old rubbish local propaganda sheet and the rubbish paper from over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters don’t have a reporter.

    Pity Grant (Chocolate Tea Pot) Thornton are in their pocket as well.

    Pity the poor downtrodden at wirral can’t grow some cojones and storm Ecca’s orifice…..err office.



    wirral will get what it deserves if it is allowed to continue.



  2. Empire building comes to mind ,But remember the roman empire how it fell people knifing each other in the back and betraying one another “Et tu Brute empire ” comes to mind, how the mighty will fall.

  3. So there’s absolutely no chance of Basnett getting sacked any time soon seeing as she’s got her manicured fingers in virtually every single pie in Wirral. How have Wirral Council allowed this closed shop to happen? Surely Basnett and Hamid aren’t the only two suitable candidates out there? It seems that every time a business is set up Basnett is running it! It’s just an absolute cesspit. It seems that Basnett, Hamid and Adderley have pulled the wool good and proper! It’s absolutely sickening.

    • G’day Ste

      I will never forget her face on 5 July 2011 when Adderley was lying through his teeth to me when I blew the whistle on Wirral “Funny” Bizz.

      She should be ashamed of herself an absolute disgrace as a human being.

      Her wrinkled face told it all.

      She will have made her family proud.

      I have never seen anything like her in my years as a business tax auditor a blight on society.



      Then she met with “Highbrow” to find out what he knew.

      A scum bag of the worst order.

      Keep up the good work Ste.


  4. Speaking as one of many local little people, who is employed Mr Asif he runs two modern day work houses were approx 75% are employed by outside agencies , it is a work house where,fear of dismisal is ever present, a living wage is non existent,plus huge staff turnover, and low morale, he is a modern day pirate……..a very morally corrupt business model

  5. Oh Lordy

    I am fuming this morning at what her and Adderley can get away with.

    He sat and told me bare faced lies on 5 July 2011.

    Beverley Edwards reported his lies and disappeared.

    Adrian Jones played “Highbrow” like a fiddle for years.

    She never spoke up.

    She never apologised.

    He never apologised.

    I have not been able to get work since.

    He lied in public and so did Burgess.

    Grant (Chocolate Teapot) Thornton are useless.

    The police found no case to answer.

    65 self centred ego maniacs sided with them.



    Ecca Ecca Ecca you should be so proud, and, what is a bit of collateral damage ?

    God save the Queen cos nothing will save wirral bc with a small wubble U.


  6. I’m not religious at all but is the inclusion of a fire officer an insurance ploy against a raging inferno of any sort?

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  8. It occurs to me Kevin “Black” Adderley, M-Assif HamHead and Paula Bags-of-Snot are all in cahoots with the full knowledge of Phil “Pip” Davies (self serving leader of Wirral Council) and many of the Tory Blue Labour councillors.

    Consider the recent and much vaunted announcement which stated Wirral Council will set up a private company next year to generate revenues.

    First of all we know past attempts by Wirral Council at running businesses has resulted in M-assif losses and eventual sale of the family silver.

    Second we all know Wirral council public sector civil servants took the safe option of a regular salary and most have no clue how ordinary people manage their household budgets, never mind how to balance business finances. They simply do not have an entrepreneurial bone in their body and would not know a good business opportunity if it jumped up and down and bit them on the backside. So none of it bodes well then for the proposed Wirral Council Services business.

    Thirdly (and the point I want to make), the empire building and total monopoly of anything connected to small business by Wirral Chamber of Incompetents and the “Triassic Trio ” could all be designed to suffocate small business growth and stimulate business closures by starving them of resources and support. This would eliminate competition from the local marketplace and secure some kind of monopoly for the new Wirral Council services business.

    A council should never be allowed to take business rate payers money then use it to trade services in direct competition with said rate payer. The Birkenhead Business Levy is a prime example of hard working business owners money being used to pay salaries in the companies where the “Triassic Trio” are Directors with no accountability, contract or opt out clause.

    It all seems conveniently designed to eliminate competition whilst further feathering the nests of those few who continue to have their snouts firmly in the trough of the Wirral Council gravy train.

      • Dear Wirralleaks
        I am indeed flattered to be invited into the company of such noble social giants. Please allow me time to compose myself before allowing myself to compose articles for your consideration. 🙂


      What you said.

      Ridgy didge mate you know the business.

      Are you saying they are of low intellect and cheating thieving scum bag arseholes like what I think.

      The barstards lied to me mate and I want justice.



      • Dear James
        Lies and deceit seem part of the job description for the jobs working for Wirral Chamber of Incompetents which never seem to be advertised. As does being related to Paula Bags of Snot or another of the Triassic Trio. I would never accuse anyone of being of low intellect and cheating, thieving scum bag arseholes, however these are attributes which seem to be in their person specification. Along with the ability to spout total bullshit, spend public funds with wanton abandon and without credible reasons, whilst holding a personal grudge against anyone who has the cheek to challenge questionable use of said public funds and dodgy behaviour.
        Justice and revenge are co-joined twins which are best served cold. I am sure your time will come 🙂

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