Fantastic Festival of BS

Admit All

If you’re not on the guest list – you’re not getting in!

Wirral Leaks are always willing to promote local events that enhance Wirral’s reputation. So imagine our delight when we were directed towards an upcoming event promoted by Wirral Council called ‘ The Fantastic Festival of Beautiful Ideas’:

Wirral Council is sponsoring its first Festival of Beautiful Ideas. A series of ‘hack days’ will encourage people to share ideas that are potentially viable and will add to the atmosphere, sense of place and activity in the focus of the festival, Birkenhead and Woodside.

Are they sure that isn’t ‘smack days’? No , seriously. We’re not making this shit up. Needless to say Wirral Chamber of Commerce is supporting the festival by offering funded working space and mentors for some of the winners.

Apparently :  ‘It’s about cultural potential; reclaiming Wirral’s industrial heritage; pop-ups and meanwhile spaces. and enthusiastic; people who want to change perceptions, make a difference and try something new.’

Of course even we understand that in this day and age it’s all about pop-ups and you’ve got to be passionate – but WTF are ‘meanwhile spaces’?

Apparently the massive total of £5K is on offer – don’t all rush at once. Let’s face it £5K wouldn’t keep Wirral Chamber of Commerce CEO  Princess Paula in frocks for their never-ending awards ceremonies.

Has anyone noticed that the Wirral Chamber of Commerce is a fake organisation, run by fakes and funded by us? If not – where have you been?

And here’s the tragedy – it’s NOT ‘admit all’ on Wirral , it’s about who you know and about how much you are prepared to sacrifice your personal integrity for cash money.

We can’t help thinking there’s a rogue apostrophe when the Wirral Chamber of Commerce are seeking people who are ‘who’re passionate’

As one of our valued sources wrote :

‘Who the hell thought of ‘Fantastic Festival of Beautiful Ideas’ I have a lot of ideas but they are not beautiful . Fix the bloody street lighting, fix the potholes, prune the trees so they don’t fall and kill people, fix the run down areas all over the Borough!
Rant over.’
To which we can only add – how about safeguarding vulnerable children and adults and then perhaps we can talk about ‘beautiful ideas’!



12 thoughts on “Fantastic Festival of BS

  1. Whoever had the ‘beautiful idea’ of cladding the old pub, The Vale, long derelict at the top of Oxton Road, in wood deserves to be shot. Have we got a planning department? How has this got permission? An old Victorian pub clad in pine floorboards, it looks dreadful and must be seen to be believed. Perhaps it was intended to blend in, Swedish wise, with the new Lidl, slowly emerging on the corner. It cannot blend with the rest of the Victorian terrace it belongs to…..I despair, I really do.

  2. G’day Leaky

    That boomerang that “Interested” keeps talking about has done another lap and picked up another fraud.

    Every FOI another problem for them at Wirral.

    Isn’t the past a great thing.

    They can’t change what happened.

    They can hide reports.

    They can stand and lie.

    But this newly found fraud is just another one that “Highbrow” has unearthed and there is more on the way.



    All I will say so as not to steal “Highbrow’s thunder is




    et al

    The man is a genius, but, I luv you Leaks XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • And here IS the BOOMERANG…

      “We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.”

      • Surely lying, cheating, hidden stuff and obfuscation are all part and parcel of the remit of an overpaid local public servant at senior level.

        To which I would add arrogance deception and a general attitude of ” F..k you Jack” to those who pay their handsome salaries.

  3. I wonder if this is another scintillating idea dreamed up by the Senior Programme Manager one Stewart Halliday (£15,000 a month of our cash)?

    The gobbledy-gook is very similar to the crap he used to deal out when in the employ of York City Council. Several very soporific web cams. of his declarations are on the web.

  4. A beautiful idea. Round up a load of fake Labour greedy manipulative crazy egomaniacs put them in a room and lock the door. Then you can call it a survival course and see who eats who. Now that’s reality television. Seriously WTF? Another way to waste valuable money. Hey I got screwed out of my funding when I started a business for the Hamilton Quarter. Where did our funding go? The guitar festival? Jobs for the boys? I remember it well. We could have had a family business and created up to ten jobs. A builder told me in confidence when drunk that he got paid to paint a building white. Then claimed another 50,000 to paint it black. True story. That money would have supported our business for 3 years. When will they be held accountable for their actions? It’s coming and I can’t wait.

  5. SHEDS? I was at shed 96. I still have my pass preserved for ever in laminate and put on a piece of string. Even then it was classy. Hilarious “arts” take out the t and replace with e. Yes indeedy. 21 years ago and now we’ve got sheds as if it’s a new idea. Still the same. I was born here I love here and we will prevail long after this little shop of horrors are put in the public stocks for wasting money. Now there’s an idea. Put the lot of them in public stocks charge a fiver a coconut. Sorry sponge and go for it. Mild maiming allowed, direct hit a share of the five grand on offer. Better than winning a poorly goldfish. That’s my beautiful idea. How entrepreneurial!

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