You Can’t Go Wrong

You can't go wrong 010

Wirral Globe followed up the announcement of the resignation of  Julia Hassall -Wirral Council’s Director of Children’s Services –  by publishing a leaked email which was sent to Wirral’s teachers.

Inevitably it was also leaked to us (and is published in full below) . Even more inevitably we feel the need to deconstruct Julia’s touching message for Wirral Leaks readers.

We’ve also received further leaks that suggest that morale in Children’s Services is at an all time low. As we’ve said before this is THE most difficult work and the biggest responsibility any council worker could ever have. The personal safety and future life chances of other people’s children are entirely dependent on them. So why do Wirral Council ask staff to work in the most toxic and dysfunctional environment you could ever imagine?

Might we suggest that what doesn’t help the situation is receiving the following  leak: ‘Keep an eye on newly appointed senior manager Simone White. She was a lack lustre team manager at Wirral Council children’s services for many years until joining OFSTED as a senior inspector.  Conflict of interest ??’

Or just another opportunist on the local government gravy train. Somewhat like dear Julia herself. In her farewell letter she inevitably tells us about the ‘improvement journey’ . Presumably this journey involved an improvement to her bank balance , as no doubt she will be another recipient of a tidy severance package as yet another reward for failure paid for by us.

On Wirral it seems ‘you can’t go wrong’ even when you go wrong !- but only if you’re a senior manager and a) you know too much and b) you’re prepared to take the fall

No wonder Julia ‘No ‘ Hassall tells us she’s ‘fine’ . Because that’s all that matters. As long as Julia’s ‘fine’ what does it matter about working class kids?

We also have to tell you that the news of her resignation doesn’t come as a ‘shock’ .  A senior Wirral Council manager not getting sacked and not receiving a big fat cheque – now that would really be a shock!

Dear Colleagues

I am writing to make sure you are aware that I have sadly decided to resign from the council. 
I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved together, and I am grateful to you all for your dedication and hard work.
It has been challenging, demanding work and I know we have made progress, particularly since September last year as part of the improvement journey. We are clearly on the road to delivering the improvements which are required and this has been recognised by colleagues at Ofsted and the DfE.
I feel that now the new senior team is in place and there is a clear vision for the future that now is the right time for me to seek new challenges elsewhere. As you know I have been dedicated to improving outcomes for Wirral’s children, young people and families and I know you will continue this work.
To ensure stability, Deborah Gornik will be recommended to Council this week to assume the role of DCS on an interim basis, in advance of a recruitment process to arrange a permanent replacement for me.
I appreciate this news will have come as a shock to you. I want to assure you that I am fine, and I will continue to work in Hamilton Building this week to ensure a proper handover.
I am confident that the changes you are making will be the right ones to secure the best outcomes for children now and in the future.

23 thoughts on “You Can’t Go Wrong

  1. Abject Failure can only describe the officer & officers in charge, they are a disgrace to their “profession” if you can call it that. No doubt news of the big payout information will soon be in the public domain and the sucker ratepayers will pick up the tab as usual. It is yet another Wirral disgrace.

  2. Why didn’t she fall on her sword and secure at least a small degree of honour nine months ago, when her department was deemed inadequate?

    Would it be passively cynical of me (i.e. not harming anybody) if I was to suggest that she may have been waiting for the verdict of the Birkenhead abuse case, whilst also relying on the fact that there wasn’t any internal pressure from her senior colleagues or members to do one (this is Wirral after all).

    And was it actively cynical of her (i.e. harmful towards parents and children) to take advantage of reporting restrictions and remain – heading a department deemed inadequate –
    and keep drawing her large salary in the hope that the verdict went her way and there was a chance of clinging on?

  3. Why was she still in a position to resign?
    Heads should have rolled nine months ago but we all know philly boy and the ghost Eric Robbo protect their friends.
    Did she get an Adderley pay off?

  4. Surely this cannot be a severance package situation. The post is not redundant. She is merely choosing to move on like many people do every day without a big wadge of cash from their employer. If she gets paid off for abject failure then it is an absolute disgrace. Come on Phil Davies sort it out for once!

  5. G’day Leaks

    I wonder what Stewie thinks.

    He/she has obviously been told to keep the gob firmly shut if she/he still wants to be one of them.

    They will roll out Lessons to Learn Lessons to Learn Learn Lessons to Learn Learn Lessons to Learn Learn Lessons to Learn by the dozen any time soon.

    Why do people tolerate this absolute pile of crud and dross?

    They keep saying they have lessons to learn but can never admit they are wrong.



    I’d luv a dollar, Australian of course, for every time they have said they have lessons to learn.

    They really are dumb, no one could know so little.

    The idiots at Wirral “Funny” Bizz showed everyone how fucking stupid they are by taking £2,000,000.00.

    Luv Lordsville XXXXXXXXXXXX I bet Stewie hates that you are always right and she is in bed with the dross.

  6. G’day Leaks

    If they can’t cope with the smaller issues like Wirral “Funny” Biz and Wirralgate how can they deal with the “BIG TICKET” items and crimes?



    They physically sicken me.

  7. The trial of the two Asian brothers from Birkenhead dragged on for five months. A nice little earner for the Legal profession.

    It appears that every young girl victim was dragged to court to give evidence.
    I wonder if that reflected on the heavy sentences passed by the Judge?

    Some of the details of the trial evidence were published in the Liverpool Echo last evening.
    They reveal that at least one of the young girls involved was known to Wirral Children`s Services.
    It also told us that the same, hapless, department, turned a blind eye to her relationship (don`t forget she was a child) with one of the two odious men convicted, thinking that he was a good influence on her!!
    Even when she was moved 100 miles away from the Wirral the department knew that she was returning at weekends to see him.
    They dragged their heels and did not make any report of the abnormal association to the Police.

    No wonder Halssall resigned just prior to the verdict from Liverpool Crown Court.
    Why she was not sacked nine months ago is a mystery unless you work in the hallowed halls of Wallasey Town Hall.
    In an unexpected display of energy, normally restricted to promoting his acolytes, Councillor Davies sacked Councillor Smith from his Cabinet post.

    Meanwhile, other senior members of the Children`s Service Department remain in post as does the highly paid man who, through his position,bears ultimate responsibility for the whole debacle.
    I refer of course to our beloved Leader Mr. Robinson.

    • Good morning – you may not have seen this

      Ofsted report into child safeguarding failures (Wirral Globe 20 Sep 2016)
      Eric Robinson, chief executive, said: “We have made some changes in terms of social care and I will now work with Julia Hassall”.
      “My background is in Children’s Services so I will oversee the work”. (Wirral Globe 20 Sep 2016)

      Enough said

    • G’day Chasser

      You are a little gem of knowledge and decency.

      Purdah’s from 11.00am….hooray.

      Isn’t “Ecca” “Spotty Dog” “Eccles Cake Face” “The Invisible Man” “The Blinking CEO’S specialist subject

      I don’t know exactly, something about caring.



      He only cares about his wedge and I presume he has moved to wirral because he knows he’s off to his next lucrative post.

      He should be sacked he has done or said nothing for the good of


      Stay at em Chas X

  8. G’day Leaks

    I’m going into purdah for a couple of days.

    Good I hear everyone saying.



    Thank god for karma.


    Let them wallow in their own crud, dross and shite.

    I could have, I think I did, I know I did, predict this almost six years ago when they started to lie to me and the “Great “Highbrow””

    Want to fess up to Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistleblowers yet “Philly Liar” aka “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING Dill”?


    are you going to continue deluding yourself and supporting those who will now laugh at you as you crash and burn?

  9. SOCIAL SERVICES has difficult job to perform with limited resources. agreed.

    WBC has pushed the ambit of its activities beyond its financial capacity. AGREED

    what can be done? It would cost nothing to desist from self exculpatory press releases. From vainglorious claims as to improvement and the smashing job it is doing, from lying to cover up gross mistakes and wrong doing.

    First sweep of the Broom in these Augean stables is to ban spin and to punish lies either by local government officers or by councillors.

  10. We now know from the Court proceedings that all the young girls involved were known to Social Services and one was in care.

    However. Not to worry. The new Head Honcho at Children`s Services one Dr. Maggie Atkinson
    (salary not yet leaked) tells us that “lessons are already being learned.”

    So, Our grossly overpaid and incompetent senior employees at Wallasey Town Hall can slap them selves on the back and sigh with relief, that they have yet again escaped the dreaded axe which would be the inevitable consequence were Wirral Council a business rather than a sinecure for failing public servants.

  11. The Aussie may have gone silent… but his words still exist on the BOOMERANG….

    “We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.”

    (Sponsorship of this Boomerang by designer labels will not be considered)

  12. I had the displeasure of working in the Councils Social Services Department for a short while. I have never seen a more demoralised bunch in my whole working life. No wonder they’re all going to see Nurse Maureen with stress related illnesses. The leadership is non-existent and everyone else is trying to cover their own backs. The atmosphere is absolutely toxic!

  13. Seems to me like it’s payback time for the sins of others down the years. All those senior managers and successive directors who saw fit to cheapen social workers’ value and status, over-promote soulless lackeys thinking they were saving money, lose valuable, experienced staff who could have turned it all around, pile the increasing workload onto those who stuck it out, thereby jeopardising end users and then sitting back, hammering whistleblowers and staff who were forced off onto the sick, washing their hands of it and taking the plaudits and the pay hikes.

    And it was self-destructive. They “Fowlered” up and it’s not just Adult Social Services but now Children’s that’s ended up a complete basket case. And they knew all this was in the pipeline well over a year ago, ready to clobber them when the time came. Instead of damn well working to fix it when they had the chance, there’s been a cynical game of pass the parcel and an internal battle to see who could position themselves out of harm’s way and dodge the axe when it came crashing down.

    So well done to Eric Robinson, Phil Davies, Clare Fish for winning through, and the nameless others who’ve escaped being identified and will collect their next salary / allowance packet.

    Tonight’s Echo is strongly suggesting Phil Davies should stand down – which is a first. It makes you wonder what’s happened because in 2013 after the Martin Morton whistleblow, Trinity Mirror, the owners of the Echo were lavishing football tickets, meals and drinks on the leader. You can see it all on his hospitality list which is accessible here:

    Did he forget to leave them a kickback or something, who knows?

    • G’day Paul

      My purdah’s over.

      That will be Uncle Joe getting square for the sneaky tactics of “Philly Liar” when he got to be the thicker than the chair chair of the combined nonsense.



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