To Sandwell In A Handcart

Colin as Surjit 009

Less than 5 years of dedicated public service at Wirral Council seem to have taken their toll on poor Surjit Tour  pic: courtesy of John Brace

We couldn’t bring ourselves to watch video footage last week’s Wirral Council Cabinet meeting as we understand Power Boy Pip et al  gave outgoing Wirral Council law lord Surjit Tour a rousing round of applause as it was his last ever council meeting – yes , even from Cllr George Davies – but then the deputy leader of Wirral Council must be relieved to see the back of this particular chink in his armour.

The plaudits were all very reminiscent of the time when the subsequently convicted criminal Jim ‘Crabby’ Crabtree chaired the the Audit & Risk Management Committee  – yes we know ! – can you believe that actually happened ? – and led the handclapping for Audit Commission/Grant Thornton gobshite Mike Thomas. We suspect the applause for both was much for the same reason – keeping a lid on Wirral Council malpractice and getting paid well to do it.

Having said that Tour must be shooting off to his new gig at Sandwell Council like shit off a shovel. And it would appear he will be right at home. As a local source commented –‘Labour controlled and crooked forever’

We’re sure the six figure salary was particularly enticing for this status – conscious public servant. All we can say is that you can earn as much as you like but at the end of the day you’re still Surjit Tour.—one-earning-100k-pay-packet/

We’re just staggered that out of four candidates interviewed for Sandwell Council’s top legal job that Tour came out on top.  Isn’t it reassuring that our public services have such a deep well of talent to draw upon?

Sandwell Council  must be particularly dear to Tour’s heart as a legal case involving his new employer was brought to attention in 2016.  A Wirral Council whistleblower had told their senior managers that they weren’t complying with the law when it came to administrating Discretionary Housing Payments  (DHP)- which are what they say on the tin, discretionary payments made to people who are having trouble paying their rent for one reason or another and presumably some of the most vulnerable members of the community.

Wirral Council seem particularly reluctant to promote this fund they have available to help people in need so we’re saying loud and clear if you find yourself struggling to pay your rent contact Wirral Council and ask about DISCRETIONARY HOUSING PAYMENTS!

Needless to say the public-spirited  whistleblower who identified that Wirral Council were acting unlawfully was cruelly hounded out of their job for showing up their managers for the bullying incompetents they were.  There will be much more to come on this story but changes to procedures and belated thanks from Tour doesn’t cut it when someone’s career is needlessly destroyed for,once again, wanting things done properly and dare we say LAWFULLY!

Is it just us who thinks that if we don’t speak up about such abuses we’re all going to hell in a handcart?

Subject: Re: Whistleblowing Matter (Case Ref: 22/2016)

Dear X

Further the above matter, I have now completed all requisite enquiries into this matter. I have received and considered the report prepared by XX (Senior Auditor) into the matter you raised in your confidential report [CRF1] dated 22nd February 2016.

The review conducted by XX showed that whilst an assessment of income was undertaken in respect of DHP applicant’s income, the assessments were not fully compliant with the post Sandwell case and revised DWP guidance (issued in August 2015) on such claims.

In light of this, supplementary guidance has issued and explained to all relevant members of the team at the Transaction Centre so that DHP claims are assessed in accordance with the Sandwell case and revised DWP Guidance. Moreover, changes to procedures have and are being implemented to ensure consistency and compliance with the Sandwell case and revised  DWP guidance.

May I take the opportunity to thank you for bringing this issue to the attention of the council.

Kind regards

Surjit Tour

Head of Legal & Member Services

and Monitoring Officer

12 thoughts on “To Sandwell In A Handcart

  1. Sandwell Council, we’re sure,
    We’re found to be breaking the law,
    Now the salary’s handsome,
    It’s a six figure ransom,
    For service Soshit ‘n Pisspoor.

    • So the senior manager bully what ever her name is , has decided in behalf of wmbc not to administer public grants , why did she make that non job description decision? What had/has the money been used for, or have we lost it due to reclaim ? Either way this is misconduct that had costed wmbc tens of thousands in the employment bullying side, aided and abetted by the ever compliant HR staff and of course the snake Paddy Cleary (vote out asap), but incalculable costs to the vulnerable …councillors are you just going to ask questions or govern …this woman had been offered EVR ..she should be sacked , did you authorise the non payments ? The member of staff forced to leave worked for wmbc for 30 years , does that mean nothing to you councillors ?

      • Despite:

        o Wirral Council breaking the law on discretionary housing payments
        o bullying being ignored and therefore encouraged
        o the Monitoring Officer and “team” covering it up for 18 months plus, and;
        o vulnerable people being left at the mercy of their landlords

        … the ICO has been sitting on its hands, hoping this one goes away.

        If the Information Commissioner’s well paid “Senior Case Officers” worked at say, The Contact Centre, Wirral, under Asif Hamid MBE, they’d have been handed their cards by now.

      • Correction, “The Contact Company” is the memorable name I got wrong.

      • Obviously not ! A reasonable person would think that councillors would be grateful for someone doing their job properly and protecting the council from litigation . And take action against those whose conduct is less than would be expected from a senior officer . What was that quote # “lessons have been learned “

  2. Goodbye and Good Riddens


    “Sir Git”

    “The Shyster”

    The Head of the Ill Legal Department

    The only thing bigger than his filthy watch is his big bulbous arse

    May karma serve you at Sandwell.



    Now fuck off forever.

    Luv you Lordy for giving us this great news XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • Oh Leaky

      You censored me again, you censored me again, you pomme barstard.

      How are people going to know I despise this load of lying cheating shite if you keep censoring my best bits?



      I still luv you though L XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

      Ecca is slowly getting rid of the crud and dross but on his hourly you would think he could get his finger out.

      Who’s next , that angry little man “Legweak”?

      Have you considered doing a deal with one of the bigger fish in Labor and getting rid of “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING Dill” next?

      It will be money well spent and they might throw in Davies, Jones and Foulkes.

  3. G’day Leaksly

    Has “Philly Liar” got his bag packed yet for the Commonwealth games in Oz next year with his Uncle Joe?

    He who can’t be bothered attending meetings since his dummy hit the deck.

    In the rubbish paper from over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters

    Liverpool through to FINAL phase of bid to host 2022 Commonwealth Games

    Can you imagine Joe’s gang if the Government gave them a fast tracked billion pounds.

    How much will be wasted on the planning stage?

    He can’t even renovate a market.

    Probably more than “Philly Liar” has spent planning his golf/football resort.


    With “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING, Dill” getting some of it for the very same dreamland golf resort, whether golf is in the games or not.

    A luxury house on it for Uncle Redrow Joe.




  4. It’s a Soshit Pisspoor bombshell,
    To resign for £six £figure Sandwell,
    With trust derelicted,
    And tenants evicted,
    His handcart’s on a highway to hell.

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