The Nolan Principles

Posted on the Birkenhead Labour Party  Facebook page is this ‘Press Statement’ from Yvonne Nolan who comes out fighting addressing last night’s Rock Ferry Constituency Labour Party (CLP) selection process , the ousting of Cllr Chris Meaden and the Cllr Moira ‘Matron’ McLaughlin resignation . She also takes on local Conservative group leader Cllr Ian Lewis , who apparently has been pointing out the splits in the local Labour Party ( you don’t say!) and raising Ms Nolan’s historical role in opposing the Poll Tax (remember that?)…

Wirral politics appears to us to be in the midst of the ‘may you live in interesting times’ curse . This is great news for us as we anticipate that the curse is gathering  momentum (no pun intended) and is moving from ‘interesting’ to ‘positively fascinating’ …

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Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 22.55.05


8 thoughts on “The Nolan Principles

  1. G’day Leaky

    I bet the jones’ are sticking with the winners creepy little horrors.

    Another £60,000.00+ this year for being cretinous morons glueing their vile selves to the winners at any cost, except their allowances.



    May they get what they truly deserve for years of their revolting actions, or lack of for self serving shitbag selves

    May the resignations keep rolling on Lordy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

    Can’t wait for more comments from the doc as long as he doesn’t stoop to my level. Doc X

  2. My Lord,

    I believe that I am becoming giddy with all this excitement. I feel I should repeat/quote myself..

    ‘Would you Adam and Eve on Nolan it’ !

    On a more serious note… that reporting by ‘local democracy’ (BBC funded?) ‘reporter’,Tom Tom the pipers son, seems very dodgy….

    Kisses to the Aussie xxx

    • We keep meaning to do a post on controversial BBC-funded ‘Local Democracy Reporters’. As everything with local government it’s journalism on the cheap. It can’t be right that the same story (or variations on) by the same reporter appears in various MSM news outlets- as if its the ‘official’, ‘approved’ version of events. News homogeneity is a worrying trend.

    • do you ever have a positive reply? this site provides unadulterated news you daft twat.. which shines a light into dark corners for the many who are left wondering in the wilderness.. keep up the good work wirralleaks, and fuck off you Tit!’! .. sorry for the language… but my french is incredibly merc..?

      • We think our friend Mr Oates was referring to the story rather than us – which he’s fully entitled to do. We’re a broad church and we welcome comments be they negative or positive but we’d like to think we’re mostly on the same side.

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