‘Woe is Wirral’ : The Halliday scandal reaches Private Eye – again !

A very good summary of the foreseeable Stewart Halliday scandal in this week’s ‘Rotten Boroughs’ section of Private Eye. And how courteous of them to acknowledge Wiralleaks (sic) as being an ‘excellent website’. It would seem that gone are the days when a local journo would earn a bit of pin money by flogging stories filched from us to Lord Gnome’s esteemed organ. Whilst we were OK with spreading the (bad) word about Wirral Council what did rankle was the lack of acknowledgment of where the stories or information first appeared. This is a tradition that the Liverpool Echo, in particular, continues with to this day. The belated coverage of the Halliday case by the local press entirely failed to mention that the incriminating invoices at the centre of the scandal and which led to Halliday’s downfall first appeared on this website in our EXCLUSIVE : What’s in a Name? – Is this the real reason the controversial, high profile Stewart/Stuart Halliday appointment was suddenly dropped by Wirral Council?



7 thoughts on “‘Woe is Wirral’ : The Halliday scandal reaches Private Eye – again !

  1. I spoke to York City Council’s so-called “audit and fraud” specialists Veritau in 2017 and 2018, and discovered that they’re razor sharp and ruthless with the man in the street, who may have wrongly claimed small sums of benefits he’s not entitled to.

    But when it comes to ‘irregularities’ , going on for many years, Halliday-style, the kind of ‘irregularities’ that may incriminate senior people and damage the reputation of their own paymasters, somebody like say, York City Council… they seem rather shy, nervous, and not inclined to act.

    Both recorded conversations are featured here on the blog:

  2. For you and yours JJ, and in recognition of everything you’ve done down the years to shine a light on the goings on within this abnormal form of local Wirral governance, this particular acknowledgement from Private Eye is high praise indeed and fully deserved.

    My sincere hope is that this genuine recognition of your good works, grit and determination, provides you with a much needed personal boost and allows you a little time to reflect upon your achievements and think again about quitting on your stool.

    Well done. I’m genuinely pleased for you. Rob.

  3. Hi,

    Strange one, but does anyone know the whereabouts of him these days? Is he still doing works for Wirral council?
    And also how to go about gaining an email address for him. I have old contact details which no longer are in date.

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