Local Democracy in Peril : “…and here is some very late news…”

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but we’re not seeking anyone’s approval, least of all that of a ‘Local Democracy Reporter’ serving the local main stream media , but really would it be a crumb of comfort if we said he’s really taken the biscuit this week?

First we published this on May 2nd:

Wirral Council – “The antithesis of good administration “

ONE WEEK  later we have this published in the Wirral Globe

Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 19.13.03

And then we rocked up with this on May 6th:

Birkenhead – A Prevalence for Depression

A mere 4 days later we had this from the lazy plagiarist :

Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 19.24.00

What we really loved though is that a virtually identical article appeared in the Liverpool Echo two days later. We’ve got to give it to the lanky scribbler he’s making a little talent go a long way as he earnestly asks:  What’s being done to tackle the town’s crippling mental health problem?

What is particularly chucklesome is that an article about why is Birkenhead such a depressing shithole is accompanied by a picture of our favourite Local Democracy Reporter chillaxin’ in Venice, which may stink like a shithole, but at least it doesn’t have Frank Field as it’s MP. Just sayin’…

Local Democracy In Peril

What differentiates the Echo/Globe articles from us is that the former gets quotes from the main man himself as Birkenhead’s MP Frank Field has called the reports  “horrifying”, and has this week tabled a parliamentary question, asking the Department of Health and Social Care to look into and act on the root causes behind them.

Mr Field added: “All too many people in Birkenhead are being pushed into the depths of poverty and despair. I’m seeking answers in Parliament around the difficulties that people often encounter when trying to access mental health services.I’m also pushing the Government on the need for firm action to address the root causes of depression and poor mental health in our town.”

Seeking answers in Parliament ?  We’re sure they’ve got bigger fish to fry right now and might we suggest Frank that you won’t find them there anyway. Have a good look around the constituency you have ill-served for 40 years – it’s the scum that run Wirral – including you – that are the problem and NOT the solution. Of course it would be impolite and impolitic for a Local Democracy Reporter, keen for a quote, to express such a view but at least he won’t be leeching off us as a news source for much longer. We’re clearing the decks for news features that you definitely won’t see featured in Wirral Globe/Liverpool Echo even when the biggest scoop in Wirral’s political history has been sitting on the Wirral Globe editor’s desk since July 7th 2017…

8 thoughts on “Local Democracy in Peril : “…and here is some very late news…”

  1. Ho ho.

    Mainstream, salaried, captured, obedient #BBC faker Tom goes to Italy way after ignoring the Sorrento Racism dutifully reported in Wirral Leaks and Private Eye, and still pathetically hopes to win public sympathy and support.

    As usual, he’s swept to one side and outclassed by Lord Leaky.

  2. G’day Leaky

    Whatever happened to that other peanut journo that had leather elbows and smoked filthy roll-ups out the front or in stair wells with all the little snides like Foulkes “The ex-Dunny Chain Wearer or Fraser or anyone he could get a yarn out of but wouldn’t

    publish all the truths oh the GREAT


    The “Champion of the Brawl at the Hall in the Name of a Charilty Ball” actually said to us “I’m not listening fellas” when he passed us in the stair well fter he called a full clowncil meeting to a halt to hand over the envelope of filth to the stinking little rat of the journo.

    What was his name Leaky something like Lya(m)n I believe mate.



    They just control the press, like they do the cops and Grant “Chocolate Teapot” Thornton.

    Luv yer more today Lordy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. This council let ALL its decent staff go. Pushed them over a cliff. Kept so many rotten eggs and now could organise a puddle up in a brewery with the shower it’s got. Not many real public servants left. Most that they chased away are now collecting their early pensions and earning another salary elsewhere but without the crap. X

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