Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears A Crown.


Her Ladyship has been avidly watching the BBC adaptation of Wolf Hall which details the intrigues of the court of Henry VIII and she couldn’t help but draw comparisons with the modern day machinations of Wallasey Town Hall……….

As we know our new king-in-waiting Eric “Feeble” Robinson, currently deputy CEO and “Director of People” at Staffordshire County Council, is on his way in ,whilst it would appear that someone who was the power behind the throne may be on their way out ……

Curiously we understand that Eric Feeble tried and failed to get the top job at Staffordshire – and so it would seem that Staffordshire’s loss is Wirral’s , er, loss – especially as sources describe him as ” dull”.

What’s more he’ll soon have to ditch his dictator-like “Director of People” tag and realise that there’s only one “Director of People” round here isn’t there Frankenfield?

Under the circumstances his appointment comes as a great disappointment to us at Leaky Towers as our last monarch Comrade Burgesski proved to be an endless source of material for satire – especially towards the end of his tenure – talk about there’s no fool like an old fool!

Which brings us seamlessly on to our next subject who apparently has suddenly taken to that old standby of “feigned victimhood” and probably on legal advice has realised that if you’re possibly going to bang in a constructive dismissal claim then turning up for work and smoking fags out the back of the Town Hall every day won’t help their case.

Of course one of Eric Feeble’s first (of many) headaches will be to sort this particular pressing problem. Certainly it would seem the Labour group urgently want this latest development “sorting” – ie, yet another big bung before the election. However the tried and tested formula of trying to make the person concerned redundant and pretending to delete the post would mean this decision would have to be discussed at full council, something that would prove highly problematic for certain councillors…….especially if the usually docile elected members wake up and cynically smell a political opportunity.

What’s more this Boleynesque “tragic heroine” figure does indeed know where all the bodies are buried (and even further has regularly been at the graveside casually dragging on a fag as someone else’s career was turned to ashes in the name of reputation management ).

This is indeed turning out to be a salutary tale of how the the court of Wallasey Town Hall operates – the once highly favoured courtier eager to serve those ruthlessly abusing their power who misjudges their influence and authority and swiftly becomes a liability and a target of the self-same tactics they themselves once espoused.

Under the circumstances we predict this case will be expedited quicker than Stevie Wonder singing “Signed,Sealed,Delivered” on amphetamines….especially when an old alliance has been “reignited” (pun intended) with an equally addled nicotine fan. This is particularly curious development as there were all kinds of lurid accusations flying about Wallasey Town Hall before our main protagonist became suddenly indisposed.

Not indisposed enough to prevent applying for jobs elsewhere however …and where was they making that last failed attempt to jump ship? Why could it be Staffordshire County Council?, currently home to one Eric ” Feeble” Robinson…………… we can almost hear the cries of “The Queen is dead – long live the King….” ringing round the corridors of our very own local version of Wolf Hall .

Wolf Hall – Daily Mash Style



7 thoughts on “Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears A Crown.

  1. G’day Lordly

    Your Ladyship seems to be one very smart woman.

    I have been and seen them in action at the Clownhall on numerous occasions and it is like the typical abusive relationship between the big bully Clowncillors and the weak shy browbeaten Clowncillessors.

    They whisper things like “oh this is terrible” and I will come to Gra Gra’s farce of a public meeting on Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods of 8 October and sort them out.

    Just another fib which seems to be the only thing that the Clowncillessors have in common with their big fat purple faced bulliers.

    She didn’t even turn up My L obviously stuck in the hair salon. But her colleague “The Raving Loony” was there after saying it was the worst scandal in forty years and then telling “Highbrow” to apologise. What a lunatic no wonder she didn’t turn up to listen to him.

    So My Lovely I predicted they wouldn’t employ a women but if what you and your wonderful lady say is true Ecca might be the next best closest thing.



    Ps The only male who seems to be under the thumb is “The Pretend Friend” who if you look at John “Tarrantino” Braces’s wonderful video of last weeks Kitchen Cabinet Meeting at one hour three minutes she actually has the balls to wake him up to listen to her and in the background is the Bodgers fake tanned “Football Shirt” also jumping to attention.

    Luv you more than the light shines off “The Shysters” bald shiny slimey pate in “Tarrantin’s” videos. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Needs to talk to “Phil the Dill’s” and his “Ugly twin brother” about comb overs and he could catch up with them and “The Dunny Chain Wearer” about those Wirralgate tapes and what Frankenstein has told them to do at “Hooligans Bar”.

    Long live Stella the only one that has them by the balls.

  2. G’day My Hero

    Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears A Crown.

    8 October 2014

    “The Football Shirt”

    “It’s not our money.”

    Lie or just a very arrogant stupid person?

    Was that contract that was suddenly located signed or unsigned?



    Ps I challenge all at The Clownhall to ask “The Football Shirt” and “Humpty Dumpty” today who’s money it was that they allowed Wirral “Funny” Bizz to steal and waste by the hundreds of thousands of your pounds.

    Luv you more My Lordly than the number of free pancakes that “The Dunny Chain Wearer” will stuff down his throat today. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. G’day The Wirral Guardian Of Truth

    Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears A Crown.


    Two, one two three four

    Everybody’s talking about
    “The Football Shirt”, “The Shyster”
    “Humpty Dumpty”, “He who can talk
    for twenty minutes without breathing or
    saying any-ism any-ism, any-ism
    Ism ism ism”

    All we are saying is give TRUTH a chance
    All we are saying is give TRUTH a chance

    I wonder what it is like for these people to live with their lies?



    Ps I wonder if they now frisk each other for recording devices?????

    Luv you more than “The Shyster” must need a bigger office to hide all their mounting filthy secrets. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. G’day Again My L

    I presume the gang will all be at “Hooligans Bar” tomorrow night at 5pm to watch their team.

    I can just see their best supporters “The Football Shirt” “Phil the Dill” and of course our favourite hooligan “The Dunny Chain Wearer” sitting in the front row leading the chanting……pissed

    Oh we hate Jim Griff and we hate Hobro, but most of all we hate Big John, (and his camera)
    And we’ll hang the Whistleblowers one by one on the banks of the Stella’s Royal Blue Mersey,
    To Hell with Honesty, Openess and Transparency too, throw them all in the Mersey,
    And we’ll fight fight fight with all our might for the boys in the “The Football Shirts” Royal Poo Jersey,

    Run, Run whoever you may be,
    We are the famous WBC,
    And we’ll F**k you all,
    Whoever you maybe,
    Coz are the famous WBC…

    And it’s Wirral
    Wirral B.C.
    We’re by far the greatest team,
    The world has ever seen…

    And it’s Wirral,
    Wirral B.C.
    We’re by far the greatest team,
    The world has ever seen…

    And it’s a Grand Old Team to play for,
    And it’s a Grand Old team to support,
    And if you know your history,
    It’s enough to make your heart go worrrrrrrrr,
    We don’t care what the Whistleblowing sh*te say,
    What the f*ck do we care ?
    Because we always know,
    That there’s gonna be a show,
    When the Wirral boys are there !
    Wirral !!! Wirral !!! Wirral !!! Wirral !!!



    Ps Will you be watching My Lovely or is there a polo match in “The Raving Loony’s” Caldy?

    Luv you more than “The Pretend Friend” would love go to but she won’t let him spend any of the hard earned £60,000+ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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