How To Get Ahead In Local Government

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This guide is not to be confused with “How to Get Head In Local Government” – although we do realise the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive! .

We’ve been rather distracted by this week’s excitement – which one our readers rather poetically described as “The Last Chime of the Bizarre Love Triangle” .

However we couldn’t let the following excellent exposé in the Wirral Globe go without giving it the Wirral Leaks once over :

Of course we’ve been banging on Wirral Council’s (mis)use of consultants for some time but we were particularly drawn to the case of one Phillip Ward who was previously involved with drawing up proposals to shut Lyndale School and is now the “interim senior manager of Special Educational Needs” struggling to get by on a weekly pay packet of £3,875. Yes, A WEEK.

Now we admit to not being familiar with Mr.Ward’s work but on that salary we anticipate that every boy and girl with special educational needs on Wirral will have had their lives considerably enhanced because of his well-renumerated expertise.

However sad to say that in our experience that’s not how it usually works.Indeed it seems there’s a constant trail of local government leeches swimming to Wirral to make big money for finding ways to spend less money on people who most need services!.As this new breed of “public servant” have no physical or financial attachment to Wirral  – they are more than happy to take the money and run.

We believe the precedent for Mr.Ward’s appointment was set by a certain Rob Vickers. Wirral Leaks readers may remember that it was Mr.Vickers ,who having taken “early retirement” from St.Helen’s Council could smell the money floating over the Mersey and fancied supplementing his pension  ……on a measly £515 a day!.Somewhat like Mr.Ward – Mr Vickers  “auditioned” for this lucrative gig first and establish that he was a “safe pair of hands” by producing a report which seemed to serve the Council’s purposes.The report by Mr.Ward concerned with the closure by Lyndale School and in Mr.Vickers case a whitewash of a report covering up the obscene 4 -week delay scandal where Department of Adult Social Services (DASS) illegally delayed care packages by at least  4 weeks to save some money and in the hope that the person in need of care died in the meantime.

It’s interesting to note that ex-Wirral Council whistleblower Martin Morton still seems to have a pea in his whistle about Mr.Vickers as one of his Freedom of Information requests revealed that :

Payment made to Artleboot Ltd. for work commissioned from Rob Vickers
(including ‘4 week delay’ case) was £6,624.96
Payment to SWIIS UK Ltd (via Matrix) for position as Interim Head of
Branch up unto March 31st 2014 when Mr. Vickers left was £172,136.92

That’s nearly £180,000 of public money for 19 months work and again we’d love to how the people of Wirral benefited from Vickers “expertise”.Indeed Morton seems to suggest that Vickers may have been involved in another cover up by DASS .Nice work if you can get it – and you can get it if you prove useful to the powers that be !.

This is what Super Duper Director Joe Blott must mean when he says :”The consultants we have appointed work alongside our current management team.They were appointed following due process as best people for the job in their areas of expertise.”

And I think we all know what Blott means when he answers questions about Ward’s current post and the eyewatering fees he is charging Wirral Council when he says: “The post is still vacant because despite advertising, we have been unable to appoint due to a lack of suitable candidates”.

I think we all know what he means by “suitable candidates” don’t we folks?.

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5 thoughts on “How To Get Ahead In Local Government

  1. G’day Lordly

    Isn’t it great to be AdderlerlyDadderlyDooDah free?

    Saying that My Delightful I am going to go talk about that lying cheating scumbag until all the senior officers and all the councillors involved in a four and a half year conspiracy to let Wirral “Funny” Bizz escape with £2,000,000.00 and to deny “Highbrow” and my goodself justice resolve the issues to everyone’s satisfaction.

    They cannot get away with this kind of thing, rewriting reports and ignoring auditors £50,000.00 plus reports.

    Who do they think they are?

    Got to run.



    Ps I believe Ecca might do the right thing.

    Or has he just got himself in the conspiracy of silence?

    Luv ya more My Lordsville


    Give Verity one from me My Lovely. X

  2. G’day My Good Lord

    What a lovely sunny day for all senior officers and clowncillors to go to their place of worship or to the Sunday dinner table to feed their big, fat bloated faces and consider what AdderleyDadderlyDooDah has been doing for the last four and a half years to the Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistleblowers.

    And why they knocked off £2,000,000.00?

    More importantly they should consider how he has been taking the piss out of all (none I would imagine) who believed there was no fraud case to answer.

    Ecca go ask “Phil the Deluded Dill” the feeble leader, he should know, that is if “Ankles” thought to tell him, who arranged this whole conspiracy and why?

    Even more importantly they should consider why those who knew he was just effing over staff, clowncillors, more staff than clowncillors I think, why there was a conspiracy against those whistleblowers.

    Ecca go ask “The Pretend Friend” he was the one setup to play and stall “Highbrow” the little welsh leprechaun scumbag.

    Who asked him to do that and why?

    Who did get Basnett to keep her gob shut when she wanted Wirral “Funny” Bizz closed down immediately and they kept paying them for 18 more months.

    Go ask her Ecca?

    Who did get Garry to supersede Edwards audit report with a croc of shit.

    Go ask “The Shyster” Ecca he must have read it a hundred times this week.



    Ps Oh My Lord, what excuse or shenanigans do you think “The Shyster” will pluck from his massive, expansive, voluminous arse tomorrow to not produce the beverley report the Information commissioner can’t wait to read.

    Luv you more than the amount of admiration and love that is mounting for “Ecca” who could be the saviour of Wirral if he chooses that route.


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