Advent Farewell 21 – Blott’s Christmas Bonus


An Ordinary Joe or A Blott On The Landscape-  We still pick up the bill.

Christmas has traditionally been the time when Wirral Council likes to bury bad news. Christmas 2017 is no exception. If hadn’t been for the perspicacity of pernickety blogger John Brace picking up on the fact that the documents which were denied public scrutiny at Monday’s Wirral Council Cabinet meeting were published on their website. Wirral Leaks is, of course , blocked from accessing the Wirral Council website so we are eternally grateful for John’s revealing article. Which you can read here : Golden Goodbye

As you can see the last of the Super Duper Directors Joe Blott is set for what Brace calls a £390K + ‘golden goodbye’ – although we prefer the term ‘ arse -covering bung’. Why such a significant sum for someone so insignificant we hear you ask ?  Mainly because Blott knows where all the bodies are buried and what’s more he helped bury them !

But before we explore that further let’s just ponder the abject failure of former Wirral Council CEO Graham Burgess and his ‘big idea’ of appointing 3 Super Duper Directors. Where on God’s green earth would Blott, Kevin ‘Addled’ Adderley and Clare ‘Wet’ Fish be in a position to earn six figure salaries for achieving fuck all? Sorry that’s harsh – there was that Ofsted report rating Children’s Services ‘ inadequate’ wasn’t there?

But back to Blott  – there isn’t a recent Wirral Council cover up his itsy, bitsy, dirty little fingers aren’t all over. However we’re saying his involvement in the ‘Wirralgate’ cover up is the main reason for his premium payment – at our expense. His conduct throughout has been utterly reprehensible . From lying to Patricia Thynne during her first investigation report by claiming he didn’t say ‘no comment’ when asked by a Wirralgate complainant as to why they weren’t investigating the Cllr George Davies ‘sweetheart deal’  (and you don’t think they didn’t record you saying that Joe?) to scampering round at Cllr Steve Foulkes Standards Panel hearing following the second Patricia Thynne investigation circumventing public scrutiny at every turn. Arselicking as an art form – but then it pays so well!

In his own way Joe Blott is a microcosm – and boy do we mean micro – of everything that is wrong with local government. The personification of  How To Get Ahead In Local Government . The ultimate exponent of the ‘Kiss Up Kick Down’ management style that reaps rich rewards. The type to butter you up and then go behind your back.

We just wonder where next for the wunderkind and whether , as previously reported, he’ll end up topping up his pension pot by fulfilling his ambition to go into business with totally bona fide Labour councillor Paul ‘ Dance Away’  Doughty  Blott’s Pension Pot

At least those business cards wouldn’t go to waste , eh Joe?


12 thoughts on “Advent Farewell 21 – Blott’s Christmas Bonus

  1. In a nest full of vipers this little turd is one of the worst spineless cretin.
    Why does this council continue to reward failures cannot honestly think of any super officer who has done anything but feather their own nest on the back of misery of others far lower down the ladder.
    The Wirral Chamber of Horrors must be rearranging the office as we speak to create another bullshit post for one of their own.
    Phil Davies and his sheep on the cabinet are an absolute disgrace and time and time again piss all over the Wirral public and the day to day council workers who have been fucked over ever since he took the reigns of the disaster that is the labour led council.
    Useless twats the lot if them.


      • G’day Mr Cover and Leaky

        Me and “Interested” and others sat through that 2 week whistleblowing case last year/this year where “Sir Git” had a Robinson attached to his hip and fucking massive clock for the entire two weeks.

        Not sure there was always one leg on the courtroom floor.

        The other star attraction was “Blott on the wirral Landscape” sitting in the witness box “not recalling”, “not recalling”, “not taking any notes” “not taking any notes” obviously coached by the master “The Shyster” “Sir Git”.

        Has he ” retired” through dementia or is he like “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” just a born liar?

        Nobody on his money would forget one fucking thing.



        Wonder if any Mr Robinson was suspicious?

        Ecca you are shifting the crud and dross out but far too slowly and when are us Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistleblowers going to get a public apology?

    • Coverup.
      Whilst I agree totally with your comments I predict that, sadly, come May 2018 many of the same corrupt, inadequates will be returned to office in Wallasey Town Hall by an apathetic bunch of voters casting their ballots purely on Tribal lines.

      Unfortunately this is democracy but a twisted and perverted version.

  2. I don’t like his face. There! I’ve said it. I don’t like it one bit. It’s a hard uncaring unemotional face that I wouldn’t want to have thrust toward mine whilst Im diligently engaged in recycling me rubbish or even during a spontaneous tender act of love making following an illicit tryst in an afternoon meeting in a hotel room.
    And I’d bet my secret stash of diazepam this face was that of an insensitive lover. The sort who’d ignore the cuddling and intimate foreplay and just pound away on top of you never saying, even at the point of ejaculation, ‘I’m sorry for strangling you earlier and causing you to pass out’, or just creeping about in me back bloody yard rummaging through me recycling bin and rudely chastising me for failing to wash me plastics and glass to his unusually bloody high pedantic standards of waste disposal.
    Yep! All things considered, i don’t like his face and in a free democratic society where I’m still allowed to express an opinion I say I don’t like his face and nobody can convince me to take a different view on this matter unless I’m wrestled to the ground, beaten senseless, dragged off to Wallasey Town Hall and grievously scorned and coerced into saying, ‘I like his face, I respect his high standards of recycling waste material and it’s fun to get strangled during an afternoon off work at the Travel Lodge whilst minding me own business washing me waste materials and being subjected to physical intercourse without any kissing or other forms of human kindness and gentle affection.
    Bloody cheapskate! Bet he’s tight. The sort who’ll turn the gas off when he turns the bacon over. You’d think with that great wedge of public cash he’d have whisked me off to a grander place than a bloody twenty quid room in the Travel Lodge.

    • Oh Robby Roberto – we almost cancelled our private plane out of here at the thought of missing your missives.
      We suspect Joe doesn’t like his face either but £390K somehow makes the face in the mirror shimmer and glow like a million stars in the night sky illuminating the mere mortals down below.

  3. G’day Leaksly

    Shows how ineffective and of low intellect these super duper directors are/were.

    They all snaked off with about £250,000.00/£300,000.00 and the village idiots from Rock Ferry, Wirral “Funny” Bizz, Raworth and Turnbull strutted off to Portugal with £2,000,000.00.

    Who are the half wits?

    Then they got senior fuckwits at wirral to defend their name spending another £250,000.00 saving their reputations and lying to whistle blowers.




    Their families must be so proud.


  4. Thanks for the link.

    Just by way of clarification, although yes the Cabinet in the morning agreed to the £750,000 budget option of senior managers savings, it was the Employment and Appointments Committee in the afternoon where the detail of spending £1.4 million to save £750,000 was revealed.

    After what had happened before, during and after at the Employment and Appointments Committee in 2015 about Kevin Adderley’s early retirement, I felt there was little point in turning up for a public meeting (having already covered Cabinet in the morning) where we’d get to stay for as long as it takes to say “Any interests? No, let’s exclude the press and public, seconded, agreed, thanks for coming but can you go now please?”

  5. So Burgesses supposed late nights forging a workable structure lasted less than 5 years.
    Super directors?

    Disorganised chaos more like. I like John Braces statement that Wbc already had a budget. Ab4 year funding plan from.govt so editing Any implausible excuses from WBC

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