The Urge to Purge



Now as you know we  haven’t taken that  much interest in national politics since the Whigs were around.

However we couldn’t let yesterday’s  announcement that Jeremy Corbyn had retained the leadership of the Labour Party go without comment as we were hoping it would land a much needed metaphorical punch in the mouth to some complacent local politicians.

But then we read that within an hour of the announcement that Jezza  had been lured over the River Mersey and was busy making pizza in a community cafe in Birkenhead and we realised that it was going to be more a case of conciliatory limp handshakes.

As you can see from the above picture the gang’s all here – there’s Frank Field on the left (which has to be a first) , faithful acolyte and serial failure  Cllr Moira “Matron” McLaughlin , former Wirral Council control room favourite Cllr Chris Meaden , Wirral West MP Margaret Greenwood and of course on his phone recording everything for posterity Liverpool Echo journalist  Liam Murphy – because as we know Murphy is fond of pressing the ‘record’ button.

We wonder whether Frankenfield found time to explain his recent letter to J.K.Rowling slagging off Jezza or whether McLaughlin was able to discuss the publication of Ofsted Children’s Services inspection report and whether there was any connection as to why some of Birkenhead’s kids found themselves being used as  props in a cynical,political photo-op.


Whilst there has been much talk about Corbynistas seeking to purge the Labour Party of MPs who are hostile to their glorious leader – and it must be said Frankenfield has been one of Jezza’s  bitterest critics – it would seem that in the name of party unity all has been forgiven.  All of which leaves us with our own urge to purge – pass the sickbag these two-faced, deeply  manipulative , disloyal local politicians make us want to throw up our pizza.


10 thoughts on “The Urge to Purge

  1. Lord Leaky, you’ve just posted the most depressing item I’ve seen on the Internet since the second to last time I voted for a Labour politician in 1992.

  2. Glad you were so quick to pick this one up. It appeared as a bit of fluff on twitter yesterday. I remarked that Jez obvs hadn’t had chance to look at that appalling OFSTED report & instead of tit*** around making pizza, those concerned should be getting provision for vulnerable kids sorted. Fast. That was followed by (Only In Wirral) an Alice in Wonderland-type exchange where none of those featured in the pic could possibly be held responsible. & anyway, this event was to do with different kids. Seriously. It takes a special sort of something to concoct that sort of denial. Also had a pop at them trying to make it look like Frank & Jez were now bezzies. How anyone could not choke on the pizza with that depth of hypocrisy going on – baffling. But then….that’s Labour’s shocking track record in Wirral – utterly baffling.

  3. Hello Wirral Leaks

    It is reassuring to see that our Birkenhead (not Wirral) MP is a solid, upright, moral vigilante, when it comes to brown-nosing the Leader of the Labour Party, and/or the Leader of Wirral Council. …it must be a fairy-tale-come-true for Frank Field who only recently was reported on the BBC News with the headline from the Today programme (25 June 2016 Last updated at 13:10 BST)
    Frank Field MP: “Some Corbyn policies ‘serious claptrap’. Jeremy Corbyn should voluntarily stand down because no-one believes he can win an election”, Labour MP Frank Field tells the Today programme.

    Hardly the work of a clairvoyant is it, but thank heaven’s Frank Field is ‘onside’ and will bolster Corbyn’s future prospects…probably actually delivering pizza for Domino’s or someone in the not-too-distant if FF’s dreams come true.

    Have you noticed that Frank Field started out as Cameron’s ‘Poverty Tsar’? It would appear that he has been very successful, especially with the increases in poverty in his own constituency.

    More recently though some witless wonder has re-named him an ‘Anti-Poverty Tsar’, but things just keep getting worse. It’s like Wirral Council’s ‘new operating model’. Give the same incompetent senior managers another job title and what do you get? The same incompetent senior managers who couldn’t do a decent job with the old title, but higher pay as an inducement to almost attain the dizzy heights of appalling.

    It is a good photo for a rainy-day session of ‘Stick-the-Pin in the Duplicitous Bastard’…and they are not only politicians in this pic…

    Do you remember Martin Liptrot, who presumably organised this ‘Iscariot encounter’? Frank Field is not the only dissenter where Corbyn is concerned. Doesn’t Liptrot occupy a ‘politically restricted post’, and basks in numerous conflicts of interest, of which WBC Head of Legal Surjit Tour weakly ‘reminded him’, last year?

    From his public Facebook page Martin Liptrot on the 21st August 2015 pronounced (above a ‘Huffington Post screenshot’ of Corbyn)…[ ] the following…

    “This guy (Corbyn) is a walking car crash, is there ever any time when he is backing Britain, our troops, or our people…”

    It is obvious to me that the wind must have been blowing to the left when so many seriously principled, eminent Wirral turncoats, gave up valuable time for a photo-opportunity, to admire the pizza-making skills of a walking car crash…

    Speaking of a walking car crash has Cllr Phil Davies gone to China yet? His No 1 Priority vulnerable young charges need him to sort things out, as that is all a bit of a mess. Then again that is Frank Field’s area of interest isn’t it, the very young and vulnerable…but I don’t see him making pizza…for anyone…ever.

    What honest, principled, and upstanding role models all these are for Wirral’s young people…

  4. Tiffany Slopes is one serious contributor. Once again I tip my hat to you! Whenever you decide to join the debate it is worth the wait. Your knowledge of the Wirral political landscape is second to none and I warmly applaud you for it.

    • Hear Hear Ste

      A wonderful contributor.

      I tried to be serious with these clowns at the clown hall five and a half years ago by reporting a £2,000,000.00 knock off by Wirral “Funny” Bizz.

      AdderleyDadderleyDoolally lied to me and continued to pay the villains for eighteen months, ignored asset stripping that is criminal and got promoted to super duper director.

      Senior officers and clowncillors sided with him and his dogsbody and the criminals gort away to the luxury of Portugal.



      You can’t beat these barstards just ask the welsh prat that is the thicker than the chair Chair of the Audit Joke.

      Keep up the great work Tiffie, obviously not related to Joey Blowey or Dicko Docko

  5. G’day Lordy

    Rumour on the streets is that the thicker than the chair Chair of the very very dodgy Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee, the welsh scum bag leprechaun that is “The Pretend Friend”, won’t have smooth sailing and will be spouting his usual shite about due process boyo due process as the Chocolate Teapot Grant Thornton won’t be signing off his farce of a clowncil’s accounts without a bit of pantomime pretend diatribe.

    When they go through this pretence he, or someone, will just say, sign it Grantie you can’t beat us.

    Just like he would say to “Highbrow” over the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off give up boyo you can’t win.



    I would go to the meeting tonight Leaks but I might take “Highbrow” to Leicester Square to see the premiere as John “Tarrantino” Brace will no doubt be putting it down on filum for posterity.


    Ps The issue might be loans by the way, but, as you know they do as they want and are a law above the law Leaksville.

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