Communicating with Kev-Continued.

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Now we know this won’t go down well with some of our readers but we’re warming to Kev……. a bit like an arsonist gathering tindersticks for a great conflagration.
Oh come on give the guy his due –  he’s the only one other than his predecessor who has enough spunk to answer us back.
Unlike the ‘King of the Victims’ Foulkesy who whinges about being harassed by us to Patricia Thynne. Or  Birkenhead MP Frank Field who bitches about us at a public meeting , or council leader Phil “Power Boy Pip” Davies who the day after we publish the “Protecting the Defectives” story pointedly and exaggeratedly thanks the Mayor not once, but twice (in case we missed it the first time)  for “protecting” him . Or his oppo Cllr Jeff Green , who as ever, joined in belatedly and opportunistically at the same meeting to thank Foulkesy for his apology referred to in the same  Wirral Leaks story. Yeah, but what was Foulkesy apologising to you for Jeff – care to explain ? – because the people of Wirral have no idea whatsoever!.
Dare we suggest that Davies and Green should form a double act called  The Chuckle Brothers  (minus the chuckles of course ).
And most particularly can we refer to Deputy Chief Executive David Armstrong who never misses an opportunity to gripe about how unfair we are to people like him who want to sail serenely to their pension pot on a wave of mediocrity after having facilitated some of the worst abuses of power in Wirral Council history.
Finally – talking of mediocrity we all to need to understand that we most definitely didn’t ruin Kev’s weekend because this is someone who earns EIGHTY GRAND PLUS for apparently spending most of his time reading Wirral Leaks. Dream job or what?
Dear ‘Julian’
I’ve often pictured you as the type of bloke who spends his evenings typing furiously on his laptop, from his mums spare room wearing Superman pyjamas. 
The name ‘Julian Justice’ is not doing much to dispel that image, so thanks for that. 
Anyway, I assumed getting into contact with you would result in a kicking off your blog, so well done for delivering. 
Obviously feel free to post this email too. 

Keep up the good work!

Kev MacCallum

Head of Communications


It’s like you’ve peered into our soul.
Have a good weekend. 
You genuinely didn’t ruin mine – I was actually quite looking forward to my ‘Wirral Leaks kicking’. 

You must admit – ‘bring it on’ is an open invitation.

But at at the end of the day – you’re a minor diversion.
You know as well as us who deserves a real kicking – but you choose to earn a very good living sustaining their positions of power.
It might also explain why it is considered necessary that you bring your considerable expertise to the Children’s Services Improvement Board.
It was absolutely an open invitation, and you didn’t disappoint! 
‘Minor diversion’ & ‘considerable expertise.’ I’m both offended and flattered in one paragraph – impressive! 
I’ll close it down now, but well done and I’ll keep an eye out on the blog for the updated ‘communication with Kev’ piece. 


Kev MacCallum

Head of Communications

26 thoughts on “Communicating with Kev-Continued.

  1. Fuckin hell if he earns that type of money he needs to get a proper grown up haircut, buy some decent fuckin clobber (not primami) and sort them fucking shoes out. Jesus, what a scruffy get! PS and sort them teeth out while you’re at it!

  2. Insults from one of our public servants on an open forum, no blushing , just right out with it.

    Nothing changes the Wirralleaks message and certainly not Kevin. Your blog demonstrates best that you are a man of very considerable talents, most unlikely to live with your Mum, probably living with a deliciously witty and good looking partner whereas Kev’s output does not point in the same direction.

    You have been or maybe still are a journalist for Nationals whereas Kev has not or is not.

    Directors of communications take their vastly inflated salary with no murmur of O its too much really, and frankly they should answer your blog professionally. It is part of the deal, take the money AND the satire.


    No pretence to take the moral highpoint and just like Mrs Clinton in USA. THEY GO LOW AND WE GO HIGH. …. YEAH

  3. Okay, this is all so amusing and my sides do split with mirth, but Mr McC, really!

    You’ve just had an ultimatum from the minister to buck up or expect an intervention; the ink isn’t even dry on the letter and you are designated as part of the local solution.

    Yet here you are, locking horns with savvy people, morally, ethically and intellectually superior and leagues ahead of you where the protection of vulnerable citizens is concerned. You can never in your wildest dreams hope to eclipse them.

    Don’t be surprised if on Monday morning you’re ironically hauled over the coals by the ex-Big Tobacco, lung blackening, one-time scourge of naive 3rd world people “Chief of Staff” for what will be termed “unseemly conduct and the setting of a bad example”.

    • I believe that the fellow has a task of Hercules to defend the record of WBC.

      There exists to my knowledge clear indications of inducements being paid from the private sector to the council or employees thereof. How do we explain that the worst candidate for ISUS gets the gig then proceeds to rip off the fingers and hand of WBC that feeds it.

      The other instance is not my bag but I leave it to those injured parties to develop their story of bribery, which they intend to do.

  4. It’s not getting any easier is it Kevin. This bear pit is no place to be for one so ill equipped to deal with its brutal commentators. Your simple and almost child like writing style betrays you my good, dear and sweet ambitious poor soul.
    I like you Kevin. I like you a lot and despite the comment from our Ste regarding the content of both your upper and lower jaws, namely your teeth, I still maintain that you’ve displayed a great deal of unbridled ambition coming on these here pages in pursuit of self advancement and it’s this trait, an ability to stoop lower than most and suck up whatever they require you to swallow that sets you apart from the others who yearn to be where you are right now. Up the duck run of your masters who decided sometime way back that one hundred and fifty thousand tax payers wanted to be gifted Wirral View.
    Don’t be thinking I’m in anyway against you. I’m not. I’m on your side, just as I was as a nipper when our pet dog gave birth to seven pups and one of them, the runt of the litter, became my childhood companion. Despite this ugly runts bent tail, it’s deformed rear offside leg, it’s flea ridden coat of hair and it’s stupidity, I cared for that ugly useless canine bastard as much as any man could have. You remind me of that little runt of a dog. Unable to reach its mothers lactating teat I had to give that poor wretched beast a leg up just as I’m doing now. Trying my best to help you compete with these savage intelligent bastards who clearly are not prepared to compliment you in the way that I have.
    As your friend and a man who often champions the dull, the stupid, the dispossessed and the possessed, I urge you to leave before its all to late.

    • Bob … Somebody may have already made that decision on his behalf – even before he arrives in work tomorrow.

  5. G’day Leaks

    Enough already about this goon that thinks he is your new best friend forever.

    Just as a diversion by the way.

    Get down to the real story about the ONE AND ONLY KEV buddy.

    No wonder she from “The Chamber Pot” “The Chamber Potty” does anything he says I think you probably know exactly why you cheeky little monkey Lordy.

    Who needs a market or a swimming pool when we are just all saving all our dosh for “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill’s golf empire?



    Seriously L when are you going to expose the dirty dealings or is that up to central government and the law?

    All ably abetted by 65 dumb duckers who think they are clever.

    They certainly aren’t decent allowing them to get away with this.


  6. After having time to consider “Kev’s” reply I now find myself even more perplexed. Why would a public servant want to get involved in this? I’m not knocking the blog, far from it for obvious reasons. For me, it just shows how far down the standard of public service has fallen. Instead of attempting to be chummy, why don’t they just get on and do their jobs properly. Public Servant; the clue is in the title! Just fuckin get on with it.

  7. Hello Wirral Leaks

    Look what happens when I take a few days away! I miss out on one of the funniest things for ages. What on earth was he thinking?

    He is certainly no advert for talent, or communication, on that showing. Oh dear, sometimes words fail me , but they haven’t failed me as much as they have failed ‘Kev’.

    What was he trying to achieve? Notoriety? Laughing stock? Well he’s achieved the second option with flying colours.

    Wirral Council must be thrilled with Kev’s level of communication expertise as illustrated by him blundering around in a world of emails like a fan of Wetherspoons trying to get out of a gutter in Argyle Street late on a Friday night.

    Here is a quiz for ‘Kev’, to help me make some sense of this;

    Delete as applicable ‘Kev’;

    I’ll show Wirral Leaks that they can’t mock my newspaper – Yes/No
    I’ll cut them to bits with my incisive writing and lacerating wit – Yes/No
    Is Kevin MacCallum a stranger name than Julian Justice – Yes/No
    I’ll massively impress my employer and line manager – Yes/No
    I’ll show Liptrot what I’m made of – Yes/No
    No-one ever bought me Superman pyjamas – Yes/No
    Clark Kent was my journalistic role model – Yes/No
    The Daily Planet was the template for the Planet Wirral View – Yes/No
    I have made a big mistake – Yes/No
    Is anyone ever going to take me seriously as a journalist? – Yes/No
    I am going to get the p**s ripped out of me at work tomorrow – Yes/No
    Should I polish my trowel in preparation for gardening leave, Mummy? – Yes/No

  8. G’day Lordsville


    Hey “Spotty Dog” do you mind if I call you Mr Robinson?

    The list of BIG fund recipients is due out in the next few days thanks to the Information Commissioner.

    I suggest you get “The Shyster” to just put them out there.

    If he doesn’t sack him.

    If he does and they are all squeaky clean ha ha ha ha ha sack him anyway for hiding them for over five years.

    If you go down the tribunal route and waste more of wirral’s money it will suggest, to me at least, you are complicit with the the rest of the scum bags and corrupt……



    Thanks Leaks for that I don’t think you will be hearing from Kev again any time soon he will be told not to have intercourse like my mate Joey Blowey.


      • Final JD clause …

        • Any other duties commensurate with maintaining the corrupt status quo keeping central government meddlers the hell out of this godforsaken dump


    • G’day Lordy and Cpat

      You might be right Cpat about his gardening leave but if he’s in work again tomorrow it will set a precedent and everyone at wirral can write to you Leaky.

      Luv ya work L XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

      Well done Cpat

      • Good friends. There’ll be no gardening leave for Kevin and nor should there be for he has done exactly, to the letter, exactly what was required of him.
        He has defended a publication that the public don’t want, that’ll probably cost the paying people, excluding labour costs and man hours, something or somewhere in the region of a hundred thousand pounds a year and his efforts, feeble as they’ve been thus far, will guarantee beyond any doubt that Kevin’s position within the gibbering gaggle of bollocks will be cemented until the day he falls out of favour and, rather like the disposal of our families ugly useless, diseased and flea bitten runt that we all called Lucky, he’ll eventually be discarded, popped in a sack and thrown in the river to cries of, ‘drown the bastard.your no longer of any use to us’.

  9. Thank you Wirral In It Together. Runner-up to Bobby47 is high praise.

    This is full of surprises, isnt it? Who would have thought that after expecting Gucci handbags at dawn, Wirral Council & Wirral Leaks would be dancing around Gucci handbags courtesy of Kevin MacCallum, Head of Communications, no less.

    I’m not sure whether this was an olive branch, I doubt it, but what a ringing endorsement, captured in print forever, for Wirral Leaks from Wirral Council. Communicate your real feelings Kev, why don’t you – this is the camp you would rather be in isn’t it, you tease?

    Wirral Council, (to use a very unladylike vernacular), must be bricking it to send you out on your own.

    Anyway enough of that, but here is the Wirral Council ‘ringing endorsement’ of Wirral Leaks, by Wirral Council’s own Head of Communications, no less.

    “I enjoy the blog in general,…”
    “The articles this week taking the piss out of Wirral View are also good fun,…”
    “I was promised ‘endless satire’,…”
    “Fill your boots with any of the other stuff though, obviously.”
    “A lot of this is fair game, and you do a nice job – …”
    “Is your photo-desk on a go-slow? They could get a job here.”
    “Keep up the good work!”
    “…I was actually quite looking forward to my ‘Wirral Leaks kicking’.”

    What next Kev? Are you sending your CV to superman Julian Justice, just in case you’re out of a job after this?

  10. The sad thing about Kev bring the Head of Communications is that he stood silently whilst his former boss Emma Degg bullied her staff, in the full knowledge that one day it would all go tits up and fall into his lap.

  11. G’day Leaks

    I hope all your readers are aware as no doubt that you are this nonsense report of KEV and the timing of the other meeting is just a massive cover up of the stinking, stenching, crass and crud around the other KEV’S Regurgitation Department.

    The tale of what really went on with the swimming pool,markets etc etc etc.



    £250,000.00 is the number that comes into my head.

    Why have they changed their minds??????????????????????????????

    Luv ya more My Good Lord XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

      • Lordsville

        I know I know you don’t have to be Einstein to know if Wirral “Funny” Bizz is dodgy other things will be.

        Sorry Leaks that sounded a bit disrespectful you know I worship you. XX

        I do actually know some of the Neptune story.

        The dirty stinky money bits hey Kev?

        C’mon Ecca “The Blinking CEO” don’t be as stupid as your photo makes you look, moving filums even make you look worse, get “The Shyster” “Sir Git” from your ILL LEGAL DEPARTMENT to spit out and issue the BIG recipients early you need all the brownie points you can get off that Information Commissioner.

        You aren’t smelling too good my boy.

        Stinks like complicity to me.



        By the way Leaky I know about what your saying about Neptune but who leaked that Official Sensitive Senior Audit manager GIAA 1 Horse Guards?

        Luv ya to the moon and back XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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