Making Plans For Wirral

Javid letter 010

Following yesterday’s masterful Masterplantastic story we bring you an immaculately timed letter from  Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Housing , Communities and Local Government which tells us what happens when a council has ‘visions’ rather than ‘plans’ !

As you may remember last November we brought to your attention Wirral Council’s failure to produce a ‘Local Plan’ and Javid’s warning that there would be government intervention if Wirral Council leader Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies couldn’t get his house in order : Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail .  Wirral Council was one of 15 council’s who received such a warning with  Javid making this sabre rattling statement :

…today is the day that my patience has run out.

Those 15 authorities have left me with no choice but to start the formal process of intervention that we set out in the white paper.

By failing to plan, they have failed the people they are meant to serve.

The people of this country who are crying out for good quality, well-planned housing in the right places, supported by the right infrastructure.

They deserve better, and by stepping in now I’m doing all I can to ensure that they receive it.

Now it would appear that Wirral Council has excelled themselves by being one of only 3 remaining councils who now face intervention for “persistent failure over many years to get a Local Plan in place”  For further details : Three councils

The full shameful letter from Javid to Pip can be read here :

Wirral Plan

Meanwhile a Wirral Leaks commentator going by the name of ‘HeadBallRoll’ writes to us to say :

After a series of mealymouthed excuses as to why highly paid council officers and their political paymasters couldn’t actually cut and paste something resembling a Local Plan by 31st January 2018 – as they were too busy hiding behind their 20/20 Vision and pledges rather than meeting a statutory requirement by which they can be held to account . Maybe the chosen few were too busy scoping golf courses, closing children’s centres, farming out council houses to private property developers … or simply not paying attention? So it’s been around a while, ending up with 15 councils warned by the angry Slaphead Javid.  But even nearly three years’ notice wasn’t enough for the senior, blind, bumbling incompetents shuffling around lost, bumping into each other, muttering, tripping over files, in the dusty, unused Wirral planning office.

And let’s face it, 33 months is  nowhere near enough notice to get their shit together (after 13 years of not having a ‘Local Plan’ !)  Presumably the other dozen LAs scraped through because they had enough about them to focus, gather the remnants of good practice and apply the last surviving vestiges of planning nous into cobbling some crappy document together in time.

But not here.  It seems they’ve sat around, twiddled their thumbs and hoped the horrible Tories would either go away, forget, or not go through with it.

Despite the BIG proclamations, the BIG egos, the BIG senior salaries, they’ve messed up BIG style.  It’s one BIG cock-up.

This being Wirral though, where abject failure and disaster have long become customary bedfellows, like night follows day, or falling off a log, it doesn’t soften the blow.

But hey, as long as those bumper salaries are not cut off and continue to come in on pay day, where’s the incentive to do your jobs, lol?

So chaos is now expected and planned for at ‘most improved’ Wirral. (Who remembers the Children’s Services OFSTED catastrophe that overpromoted social worker and CEO Eric Robinson  knew about months in advance, only to dive under his desk, head in hands, dribbling and doing bugger all to stave it off?)

And what of the grafting junior staff of the Planning Department, doing their utmost to at least be professional and hold the fort?

Monday morning will arrive, and they’ll find themselves intercepted, scapegoated, placed into the line of fire and reaping the consequences of years of failure by their bosses and councillors – who will have had just enough prior notification to give it all a timely body swerve…. That’s the type of ‘planning’ they’re very good at. Avoidance measures, whilst junior bods and lackeys are left to pick up the pieces. 

So it’s not just Children’s Services, Social Services, Highways Services that have collapsed into an abject, irretrievable mess.We can now add the Planning Department to the long list of shame.

Of course the upshot of all this is that Wirral’s ‘Local Plan’ could now come under the auspices of the Liverpool City Region as Javid warns in his letter:


My officials will also begin formal discussions on the options of inviting the Combined Authority for the Liverpool City Region to prepare a Local Plan for Wirral and on the possibility of directing an accelerated Joint Plan, as part of considering whether to use my statutory powers and if so which ones.

Could this have been part of  Pip’s ‘Masterplan’ all along ?  To evade accountability for an unpopular ‘Local Plan’ and subsequent planning decisions – ” It wasn’t us who approved a golf resort etc;  – it was the Liverpool City Region!”


16 thoughts on “Making Plans For Wirral

  1. G’day Leaks


    Now they are getting Liverpeel to do their work for them whilst nasty little creeps like “The Pretend Friend” the welsh egit gets his audit trail together to survive.

    The worst is the 66 puppets behind “Phil the Very Very Very Slimy Elusive LYING and Deluded Dill” who won’t say boo.

    wirral doesn’t deserve these self serving incompetents.



    All Clowncillors who have been there more than five years should be stood down.



  2. I have a number of theories regarding Wirral Council and Cllr Phil Davies and his colleagues regarding why they feel that they can ignore statutory instructions from Government – no Government intervention instead install the LGA ‘Improvement Board’, the lack of the Local Plan, continued monthly publishing of the ‘Wirral View’ information deficit assister, and many others, with virtual impunity?
    They make up there own code of conduct and ignore it.
    It is also notable that Merseyside Police policy has been quoted to me as ‘we will not investigate Wirral Council’.
    One theory is that Wirral Council as a Unitary Authority will cease to exist in the fairly near future…
    Another is that Wirral Council and its residents are involved in some sort of politico-social experiment…
    Another is that there is the promise of a rosy future for a considerable number of individuals if certain things happen….
    And last but by no means least, is that Wirral Council (and who knows, maybe one or more of its ‘partners’) facilitate something in Wirral that renders them ‘untouchable’ by virtue of its nature…

    Then again, it could all just be total incompetence…

  3. In any normal, accountable organisation, the person responsible and with whom accountability rests would fall on his sword. But not here.

    David Ball is a lynchpin to the torrent of lies issued re: BIG funding and the WirralBizz disaster.

    It looks like “The Ball” has rolled over under pressure from others rather than do his job and issue a plan. Defying “dem Tories” and blaming them because of their nasty cuts didn’t work here. All other councils are under extreme pressure from cuts and austerity.

    This place is not special.

    Anyway, Ball he won’t go because he’s made his bed in the sense that he knows where the bodies are buried, and in so doing has become a threat and could drop serial liar Pip Davies right into the shit.

    So he stays and continues to ££draw from the pot.

    • G’day Paul

      Ow ya goin?

      Humpty Dumpty (Ball) sat on the wall

      “Philly “FUCKING” Liar sucked eggs.



      Hope to catch up soon X

    • May I point out a hard won gem re Mr Ball.

      The wirraklbizz disaster was mid wired by Mr Ball. It was he the author of the 2005 report that recommended wirraklbizz as winners of the Wirral waterfront scheme to encourage start ups. Either he lied about the pedigree of enterprise solutions NW ltd, saying they had performed work for other councils over a long period(they had only just been set up and the only work in their first accounts at companies house was the first quarters Wirral waterfront work) or he was just recklessly foolish.

      The consequences were a £2m heist and a much poorer service for five years.
      And in 2009 one wonders whether it was he who fudged the procurement process in wirraklbizz s favour for Issue (£3m contract worth approx £1.8 m to the winner). Who else had the authority to double their score from a measly 36 to a winning 72 and simultaneously reduce the leader from 82 to 70? Source government internal audit team March 2015.

      • Nicely put Nigel.

        May I suggest you forward your ‘wirralbiz’ comment to Sajid Javid MP…..

      • G’day Mate

        Humpty Dumpty should fall off the wall.



        The gutless CEO Mrs Robinson probably admires and looks up to Humpty and will soon be as fat (headed).

  4. I Suppose I am being naive in expecting the letter from Javid to receive adequate local press coverage. It’s contents and the damming nature of them must be revealed to ALL Wirral residents. The question is how? Forthcoming local elections would surely take on a different perspective should the sorry track record of Wirral Council be revealed to all and sundry. Or would it? I have a horrible feeling that some people are happy to live in blind ignorance and not question why they vote in a particular direction. I fear for the future of Wirral!

    • As far as the Globe are concerned, they appear to cherry pick what will bankroll their advertising. I wrote to Craig Manning asking a question about the content press releases issued by the council over the car parking charges at the country parks and it was ignored. I had to go via FOI in the end to find out exactly what had been released to the public and press. The Globe are playing their own agenda by the looks of things.

  5. This cannot come too soon, but are the paper shredders and erasing of the backups of the backups of the backups starting already?

    Who will visit the council from central Govt and will they do a bit more digging to see what other legal commitments the Davies administration have neglected to address whilst working on their infinite PR campaign for “most improved council” (2015)?

    Speaking of PR campaigns, I wonder how Davies himself (or his PR guru trotshisname) will try to spin this crock of shit into a well made polished turd.

    • That limpshit articles are all shite anyhow just a play on words and we accept it – wouldn’t be surprised if he works for the globe also

  6. For the attention of Sajid Jarvis MP…
    ……yes, it’s a BOOMERANG….

    ‘We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lied.’

    James Griiffiths, (the Aussie), on the Wirral Bizz /Council scandal.

    • Thanks “Interested”

      No wonder Clowncillors never talk of their achievements.

      There aren’t any.


      There’s ….erm erm erm

      Speak up if you know of one Clowncillor ANYBODY.

      No wonder they don’t speak of their failures.

      There’s thousands.

      Lyndale School
      Girtrell Court
      Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters
      The Market
      The Laurie
      New Ferry
      Louise RJ
      Wirral “Funny” Bizz
      The Marquee at the venue for the “The Ex Dunny Chain Wearer’s Brawl at the Hall in the Name of a Charity Brawl
      That lot that went to jail before the Wirral “Funny” Bizz Scandal
      The Brawl at the Hall in the Name of a Charity Ball
      Italian Racism
      The Fisticuffs of Ugh Boots
      “The Pretend Friend” shafting all his friends.
      Kiddie care scandals
      Philly “FUCKING” Liar
      Ugh Boots
      The Comb Over from Hell



      They might let you speak up “Little Matty Patty” and “Clowncillor Emergency WARD 10 year old” but you will have to revise your reading homework and reed a profided spech of bullshit to Roger Lightbulb on that rubbish radio station over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters.

      Don’t get me started again “Int” XXXXXXX

  7. This is how the golf resort will be sorted by the new ‘brickie’ mayor, philly boy “wasnt me gov’..I want to know what help was put forward by the government for New Ferry but ignored by the council as confirmed by a local mps tweet detailing the letter?

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