Wirral Leaks Weekly Dispatch #9

Javid letter 354

Mail on Sunday 25/3/18


We think it’s fair to say it’s been a bad week for Wirral Council’s planning department. Just to cap it off there was a High Court ruling on the long running Thornton Manor story  A Thornton Huff : Where once again ‘ignorance is bliss’ when it comes to the Green Belt . You won’t be surprised to hear that Mr Justice Kerr ruled that Wirral Council had allowed Thornton Manor to flout planning laws and erect three marquees on the Green Belt by mistakenly making the permission to do so ‘unconditional’. The council only spotted the blunder in March 2017  – SIX YEARS  after permission was granted – like you do. In an unprecedented move Wirral Council apparently “confessed to its error “(!) which prompted the owners of  nearby rival and Mayor’s Ball venue , Thornton Hall Hotel, to make a legal challenge. Press reports say that as Thornton Manor has made wedding bookings up until 2020 that up to 50,000 guests could be affected by the ruling. Mr Justice Kerr stated ” I do not think that the existence of these bookings should override the public interest in the integrity of the planning process”. Little does he know that the public interest and integrity of the planning process seem to be alien concepts to Wirral Council!

We have to say the story reduced Her Ladyship to tears……..tears of laughter that is – as she read that blushing brides had been tempted to hire one of the marquees for their big day with a ‘Say I Do In Choo’ promo, where if they spent £3,950 – which struck us as a bit of a random figure – they would be entitled to a £500 voucher for Jimmy Choo shoes.  Her Ladyship composed herself after her bout of schadenfreude and rather pointedly sniffed : ” I think that prospective brides will find that being Choo-less is the first of many disappointments when it comes to married life “


Oo-er Matron! Cllr Moira ‘Matron’ McLaughlin tries to come to the rescue of her adored Frank Field as he came under fire at Friday night’s Birkenhead Constituency Labour Party (CLP) meeting for continuing to write for The S*n .

The Skwawkbox blog reports that a strongly-worded motion of censure was proposed by Birkenhead CLP’s Prenton branch which stated as follows :

Prenton Branch condemns, in the strongest possible terms, the decision of Frank Field to write for Murdoch’s S*n. This not only flies in the face of Birkenhead public opinion and a Wirral Labour Council boycott, it rides roughshod over the memory of those who died or survived the Hillsborough tragedy and were smeared by that rag. It also causes upset to friends and family of victims and survivors.

One Prenton member has cancelled his membership due to Frank’s involvement in the gutter press. The branch feels that this is a clear case of bringing our Party into disrepute.

We call on Frank, to give a clear, unambiguous, public apology, for the hurt caused and to provide an undertaking not to contribute in any way, in future.


“The writing was almost literally on the wall beyond him” –  pic and caption courtesy The Skwawkbox

A Labour Party member who was present at the meeting told Skwawkbox :

Frank said that he would not be muzzled. He refused to give the requested commitment not to repeat the offence caused and stated that if members didn’t like it, they could deselect him.

He flounced out of the meeting, claiming that he was continuing his surgery at nearby Birkenhead Town Hall. Nobody believed that, as it was nearly 8 pm and his surgery started at 5 pm!

His parting shot was some snide comment about Jeremy Corbyn, but members shouted back at him “thanks for nominating him”, as Field provided the deciding vote, which secured JC’s place on the original ballot!

We remind him of that frequently. If he thought he was being clever at the time, and JC had no chance of winning, look how that turned out.

Read full story here : Labour MP Field censured by Birkenhead CLP for S*n columns

The flouncing , arrogance and snide comments of Frankenfield will be familiar to those who happen to get on the wrong side of the Birkenhead MP . All you have to do is simply not to agree that he is 100% right on EVERYTHING and fail to prostrate yourself in adoration before him and you’re a wild-eyed Trotskyite and/or a mad malcontent. Which brings us round to Matron who gallantly (and unusually) writes in support of her hero in the comments section (Frankenfield had himself had declined to comment to The Skwawkbox) . There’s an interesting spat with local blogger Wirral In It Together. Matron loses – badly (and inevitably). One comment that particularly caught our eye was from Ian Campbell who wrote : “1984 N Wales Euro election Frank FIELDS (sic)  signed a half page in all the 10 constituency newspapers to warn against Ian Campbell the official Labour Candidate LP general Secretary wrote to me to apologise adding Fields has the backing of the Catholic Church and is untouchable.”

This reminded us that we really must get round to that story about Anglican Field’s extensive local connections with the Catholic Church………


You’re telling us that the Wirral Growth Company news emanating from its PR arm Wirral Well Made is absolutely relentless. We understand that this week’s Wirral Globe featured yet another 4 page  wrap around ‘advertising feature’ (costing  £4K +). Why Wirral Council’s ruling Labour administration continues to publish their Wirral View and duplicate spending on exactly the same content in a local newspaper we can only assume is down to arrogance and contempt for council tax payers. Wirral Well Made ‘s Martin Liptrot must be Wirral well made up that having wanting to put the Wirral Globe out of business he now has the financial means to use it as just another Wirral Council media outlet  Indeed Wirral Council now appear to have the local mainstream media all wrapped up. Indeed one reader has kindly sent us an artful representation of what it feels like to be subject to the ongoing media bombardment :

Javid letter 361

And what’s more it would appear that local opposition parties are not able to do anything about it. Whilst we understand the local Conservatives took out their own pre-purdah page in this week’s Wirral Globe (presumably paid for by local Tories and not by local council tax payers) to rerun the usual fare of complaints about consultants, Wirral View , Hoylake Golf Resort , bins and loans it seems to us that despite the high costs these are , politically-speaking , low ticket items :

Javid letter 360

The problem that opposition parties on Wirral now have (and particularly the Tories) is that as a result of their misplaced politesse the big ticket item of institutional corruption involving a small cabal of  Labour councillors has allowed the latter to act with impunity . Consequently this cabal have grown in strength, increased their power and are now acting, somewhat like their mentor and spiritual leader Frankenfield , as though they are “untouchable” . And with a perpetually impotent opposition with few new ideas things can only get worse.


There were a few notable absentees ( including Cllr Louise Reecejones) and the announcement of a couple of retirements at this week’s full Wirral Council meeting. The latter included Cllr John Hale , a former Wirral Council leader from the last century (or was it the century before that?) and outgoing Mayor and former Deputy Leader of  Wirral Council  Cllr Ann ‘Moving Forward’ McLachlan.  Cllr McLachlan always appeared to us to be in a permanent state of denial about the appalling conduct of some of her contemporaries be they Wirral councillors or council officers . Her mantra was always about ‘moving forward’ as if it made all that ‘unpleasantness’ suddenly disappear. Now that Cllr McLachlan is ‘moving forward’ into retirement from politics perhaps she will take time to reflect that sometimes silence is compliance.





11 thoughts on “Wirral Leaks Weekly Dispatch #9

  1. If i remember correctly ‘Duplication’ was the main reason Wirral Councils CCTV control room was closed with the Cctv monitoring being passed to Merseyside police in Bootle.
    Its common knowledge the control room is still open four years on and quite by chance the staff are duplicating the same duties other than cctv monitoring carried out by the former redundant staff even duplication of the same pay.
    The leaders of both parties and senior officers are well aware of this mess and the possible legal challenge that would come if it was found untrained staff were in the control room single manned at peak hours during an emergency.
    This is a situation nobody will address publicly or within council chambers.

    • Liptrip is running a campaign to drum up business so WWM can become the rag of Wirral a disguise of WirralView under a new branding umbrella – duplication and tedious at the same time….. same old news being churned out time and time again…not bad if your guarded & untouchable.

  2. My Lord,

    I would like to nominate the visual representation of what it feels like to be bombarded by our local ‘media’ for inclusion in in next years Wirral Leaks calendar.

    I could speculate about D Hirst influence etc but I feel more inclined to refer to the religious aspect with…. this being Easter week. Obviously it is a very striking image.

    Thumbs up to your contributor…

  3. It has been said many times if you re-elect the same old tired Party Political Parasites, into positions of power. All you get is more of the same old Party Political Rubbish from those parasites who have let you down for years, taking your vote for granted. “Pick a New Face” The new face cannot be any worse than the one you have now, but could be better. Plus the “New Face” understands that unless they listen to the Electorate, they are out. Works on all Political Party’s

  4. JJ! I’ve just noticed your response to me in your piece dated 19th, March regarding ‘Defend Our NHS, where, after a little barbed bite aimed at me implying that I regurgitate shite over and over again, you then go onto say, ‘it was an observation. Not a criticism ‘.
    We’ll have this observation and own it! Now your in France, a Country noted for waving it’s white cross on a white background flag during any military conflict, I pray nightly to the God who sodomised the Sodomites that you develop an unpleasant habit of bloody humming Edith Piaf’s ‘Non, Je ne regrette rien’ over and over again at the most inappropriate times and that you take to wearing a blue beret, a string of onions draped around your scrawny neck and an insistence on wearing the 21 horizontally striped Breton shirt throughout your waking hours.
    Whatsmore, once you’ve done as Joey Barton did and quickly develop a strange Gaelic accent, albeit you’ve not lived in that dreadful Country long enough to develop any accent at all, I hope when you return to Blighty gibbering in your new tongue going on and on about Charles bloody Aznevour and Sasha Distel ,you encounter a twenty stone muscle bound Stevedor in a Liverpool Chippy queue, who with my tacit approval quite rightly decides to give you the Bootle Kiss and send you packing back to that awful place across the brine of The English Channel.
    I will say this only once, ‘get stuffed’! Rather than say Allo, Allo, Allo, I say Bye Bloody Bye. Brilliant writer you are JJ, way above my level, but you’ve no bloody loyalty to those who’ve helped you create the legacy of the mighty and legendary earth shaking Wirral Leaks.
    And so, to reference the final words from There Will Be Blood, which are very appropriate to any ending, I say, ”I’m finished”.(but only with you)

    • Hey amoureux,
      We don’t do barbed.But we do do loyalty .
      We have always valued your contributions.
      If you’re finished, you’re finished. But please don’t despoil your incredible legacy by trying to guilt trip us.
      Regards, Julian
      PS You think 20 stone stevedores frighten us? We’ve been taking them on since childhood sweetheart.They lose every single fucking time.

  5. G’day Leaky and Bobster

    Don’t leave us now Bobley you are one of the few highlights I have left after dealing with wirral almost 7 years ago.

    Don’t go.



    Hey Lordy where did “The Ex-Dunny Chain Wearer” “Ankles” Foulkes tie the knot?

    Was he barred or did they give him a freebie.

    Did the wedding go the full ten rounds.

    Was there many low blows.

    No Leaky I don’t mean low blows with Adderley and his dogsbody, or, Ugh Boots.

    Not if Burgess was invited.

    Was “Philly “FUCKING” Liar best man?

    Did his Ugly Twin Brother hold his ring?

    Got to go Lorsville that last comment made me feel sick but don’t you go anywhere Bobby 47.


  6. “I’m in favour of Wirral Leaks. If I was the Council I’d pay them money to find out what was going on in my Council” – Frank Field , Birkenhead MP speaks candidly to a local constituent who records him for posterity.

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