An UnSatoorsfactory Appointment


Needless to say we were given the heads up about Paul Satoor being made Interim CEO of Wirral Council before the last Employment and Appointments Committee confirmed the appointment

Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 21.53.01.png

Also needless to say we understand that the current Wirral Council CEO Eric ‘Feeble’ Robinson now isn’t working his 3 month notice and is hastily taking up his new appointment as CEO of the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) on July 16th. It’s all very much a case of : ” I’m a nonentity – get me out of here”

How ironic that someone who repeatedly turned a blind eye to the abuse of power at Wirral Council is the now head of the national organisation who are meant to be protecting the vulnerable from abuse.  It doesn’t augur well does it? But hey! that’s how things work in backward Britain these days . The bland leading the blind.

Meanwhile we thought we’d check out Stressed Eric’s successor…or more accurately his Wirral Leaks rap sheet and see what Satoor is bringing to the party. And it’s not a lot if you ask us. It’s the usual case of :  “Use what you know to get what you want” (see also – Burgess, Adderley, Degg, Downey, Green, Armstrong, Blott etc;etc;)

For starters he was up to his neck in the Halliday debacle . No wonder Stressed Eric stressed that no-one was going to take the rap for this particular dereliction of due diligence. No doubt the rubicund public servant was too busy lining up his successor whilst standing behind the shredder and preparing  his press statement about how it all happened before he was appointed when the proverbial hits the fan. And it will dear reader. Oh, believe us, it will…



10 thoughts on “An UnSatoorsfactory Appointment

  1. Amber BOOMERANG for Paul Satoor….

    ‘We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.’

    (James Griffiths, the Aussie, on the Wirral Biz/Council scandal)

    – no doubt you will be hearing from him…

  2. G’day Leaky

    I think I might know what the great Bobster might say about this dial.

    Before I decide “SaTour” could invite us Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off scandal whistleblowers in to tell him exactly how it is/wss with “Philly “FUCKING” Liar and the cabal.

    He should see the last 10 years of lies as seen by us….what dya reckon “Intie?

    Just in case he doesn’t I might give him a few clues……

    Some of their names sound like

    “:Legweak” Armstrong















    et al

    There’s a few to mull over SaTOUR.



    Hope summers better for you Leaksviulle XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. Wow, I actually found a link from March 2017 that is highly relevant to the discussion at hand for a change. It’s Satoor’s very suspicious welcome into the hallowed halls at the top of Wirral Council, excitedly endorsed by senior figures of the Tory, so-called “opposition”.

    I’m getting better at this…!

    • Better the devil you know regardless of who knows who, I sense a touch of jealousy from you WIIT? Give the guy a chance he has got to be better than Freebie, comment again in 6 – 12 months time and let’s see how he performs.
      You never know he could be the GrandMaster that Wirral have been longing for.

  4. Yeah, you got me sussed Alex. Have been doing my blog for 8 years now, day in, day out, but your clever insight on my jealousy directed towards senior Wirral people has now swept all that work and effort away. I’m a fraud.

    Never mind the lies on oath, the years of abuse of disabled people, the deaths, the missing serious case reviews, the links to gangsters, the Wirral Biz £2 million knock-off, the failed children’s services, more lies on oath, the crooked LOBO loans, the six-figure pay-offs, the multiple alleged racism incidents, the accelerated promotion of idiotic “Britain First” supporting councillors, the nepotism, the #Wirralgate tape, more lies on oath, the obfuscation, the gags, the compromise agreements, the clean bills of health for abusers, the pop-up birth centre deliberately and cynically trialled in a poor area, the shagging each other on our time, the money lavished on Town Hall renovations, the police knocking on my door last week following bogus “harassment” allegations by Councillor Adrian Jones, more lies on oath…

    …no. Forget all that. It’s immaterial, thanks to you. Because you’ve exposed me. All the time I’d been living a lie and I secretly wanted to join their ranks. Why? Because my miserable excuse for a life was missing something. If only I could one day grab the opportunity to better myself by rubbing shoulders with the senior arseholes and frauds at Wirral Council.

    Well spotted Alex. But do me a favour. Go and give your dust-laden sensory apparatus a thorough, forensic overhaul.

    • Cards in Cardin

      You start next Monday at WBC. You will need to drop all your fancy airs of honesty and your trousers for whatever high level bint needs servicing in the Mayor’s parlour , and as for going home to the missus and kids, forget it from then on

      You’re a brown nosing, brown envelope opening(in a dark corner) red nosed imbiber of Claughton hostelries, friend to developers, holidaying in warm parts gratis, public servant..

      Did I mention the fully pensioned £150,000 per annum?

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