Wirral Leaks are aware of recordings that could eventually be described as being Wirral Council’s “Watergate”.

We believe these recordings do more to explain the distorted mindset of those running Wirral Council (or more accurately running down Wirral Council) than any number of reports by Penn,Klonowski,Smith,Vickers,Audit Commission,Grant Thornton etc;etc; and which have cost Wirral Council taxpayers hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The recording contains the type of unguarded comments that a Peer Review or Improvement Board never hears but would tell them everything they needed to know about Wirral Council’s “improvement journey”….

They do say that sunlight is the best disinfectant and we at Leaky Towers are hopeful that this will be the chink of light that will eventually bleach Wallasey Town Hall clean once and for all……

Verity is working on a transcription as I write – tune in to Wirral Leaks for daily bulletins and watch “WIRRALGATE!” unfold before your very eyes (and indeed ears)…….

13 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE : WIRRALGATE!

  1. Whoops. I hope Frank Field’s reading this….
    So instead of tilting at imaginary enemies, promising bogus salvation, and building false hope…
    ….there could be a controlled demolition.

  2. There is nothing I look forward to more is my personal update from Wirral Leaks & the comments of both Lord & Lady leaks & Verity on the going on at the Clown Hall.
    I await with baited breath as to the next expose & the looks on the councilors & officers face when Verity transcribes the tapes, although these clowns have no shame as they would not be working for the council in the first place,. So ask the lovely Verity to work twice as hard as she normally does and get typing as I cant wait to hear & see the scandal unfold. Best regards your lordship from one of your many admires,

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