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A frightened and downtrodden Wirral Council employee has written to us to throw some light of the ‘transformation agenda’ and throw some shade on those responsible for it :
“I’m a regular reader of your blog and would like to say congratulations on the good work you do. I am also a Wirral Council minion so although I have often wanted to contribute I kept quiet.  But I am moved to write by reading all about the amounts the council is spending on ‘Transformation’ consultants. In your blog you asked if anyone knew about the ‘interim head of transformation’.  I can tell you some things that might help. The interim head of transformation is called Stephen Butterworth.  He previously worked in Staffordshire with Eric Robinson, and has been working at Wirral since Eric got him in in the summer of 2015…….. He certainly makes sure everyone knows how close he is to Eric.  I would reckon that the amount mentioned in the  (Wirral) Globe has to be a tiny fraction of what he has pocketed so far.
The council have just appointed a Director of Transformation and already have a Senior Manager of  Transformation, they are now trying to recruit a temporary Head of Business Change as well as the ‘interim head of transformation’, not to mention Stewart Halliday and Jane Clayson – the programme managers all with their noses in the trough. 
Butterworth’s achievements so far in Wirral appear to be absolutely nothing but spending tax money on overpaid consultants.  I think he is the one driving all this crap about ‘alternative delivery models’, but nobody dares to argue with him because he’ll just run off to Eric.  
I read that he was on the interview panel for Liptrot’s job.  No wonder Eric couldn’t stop Phil Davies employing his mate, as Eric has brought his own mate in in the same way just not with as much publicity. 
It is disgusting that the council is spending so much on these vultures when services are being cut.
Our source did indeed call it correct when they said that they read somewhere that Butterworth sat on the interview panel that ‘appointed’ Liptrot to the post of ‘Investor Development Manager’
We reported it here first : Alternative Facts in a Parallel Universe
Indeed Conservative councillor Lesley Rennie damned us with faint praise at last night’s Extraordinary Council meeting to discuss ‘The Liptrot Affair’ by revealing that she only found about who was on the Liptrot appointment panel  : ‘ via Wirral Leaks. Thank goodness for them in some ways, but that’s no way to run an open and transparent Council ‘ (cue muffled jeers from the Labour benches).
You can see footage of this revelation at 20.50 of John Brace’s recording here :
However just to clarify we understand the panel didn’t actually appoint Liptrot(sky) – Cllr Davies aka Power Boy Pip did – but let’s not split heirs (to a fortune)!
We also note from last night’s meeting how Pip and co were doing the ‘affronted maiden aunt’ routine – a trick no doubt picked up from Auntie Frank Field’s repertoire – a man who has feigned outrage down to a fine art – and were bemoaning the ‘ lambasting’ of poor ,defenceless public servant Liptrot(sky).
However if the ruling Wirral Council administration continue to make a series of dubious high cost appointments, what do they expect?  Public scrutiny and ‘distasteful’ criticism comes with the territory and if Liptrot doesn’t like it he can fly off back to Florida!

5 thoughts on “Transformers

  1. No longer is the golf club or lodge a threat to the advancement of staff ‘careers’-its who your mate is,where you worked and how (in)competent you are!
    As well as being so dodgy you can’t lie straight in bed!

  2. G’day Leaky

    Off piste slightly Leaks but did you see their ex-local rubbish propaganda sheet or is that now old news now they have a monthly comic?

    In response Chris Jones, Wirral’s cabinet member for adult social care, said: “I don’t accept that council made the wrong decision.

    She will forever, whilst I am still seeking justice, be known as “Missus bilong “The Pretend Friend” Nurse Girtrell Rat”

    I heard but have not witnessed that “The Pretend Friend” is starting to show his age which must be years after, best before date, and is struggling………… not my words.

    When he bumped into “Highbrow” in a book shop he didn’t want to talk politics…………… what a **** ** * ******* politician!

    So if there is karma it might be suggested to him that he might need an establishment just like “Girtrell Court”.



    The Jones’ were the first to know of Wirral “Funny” Bizz after they ignored me and started the six year cover up.


    For the slow, dim-witted “Kitchen Cabinet” I T A L Y is I trust and love you.

  3. ‘feigned outrage’ and playing the ‘victim’ are all part & parcel of the twisted & grotesque society crafted by Blair, Brown and Cameron. Next we’ll have Davies suing any & all critics for ‘hurt feelings’. A woman was recently arrested, prosecuted and found guilty at trial, all for calling someone a ‘pussy’. Twenty-first century Britain is oppressive, and sinister.

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