LRJ Confidential


It was so dispiriting and yet so predictable that roving reporter John Brace was hastily chucked out of yet another Wirral Council meeting yesterday. This time it was the Standards and Constitutional Oversight Committee. Oh the irony!

Not as ironic as the fact the Committee is chaired by serial failure/ bossy old trout Cllr Matron McLaughlin. Oversight? – don’t make us laugh !

No doubt the reason was the fact they were about to discuss the fallout from last week’s Standards Panel aka as ‘Jeez Louise!’ where Louise Reecejones proved to be, well , your average local Labour councillor , ‘ inconsistent , vague and misleading‘ – and they were her good points!

Sanction Distinction

However we have to say that Wirral Leaks don’t like to kick someone when they’re down . But we’ll make an exception in this case as LRJ is yet another local representative who we feel is clearly unfit for public office. Having said that we do feel she was badly done to in one respect and that was the ruling that she breached confidentiality in contacting us !.

Oh FFS – half of Wirral Council would be before the Standards Panel if that were the case! LRJ did not breach confidentiality by telling us that there was an investigation being undertaken. However by imposing sanctions on a councillor who contacted us in the public interest clearly imposes a ‘chilling effect’ on all those who might be considering it, doesn’t it? Thankfully we can always rely on Wirral Council’s oppressed staff for information and not politically motivated councillors.

LRJ’s position is now being considered by Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies. Once again we have to declare – ‘Oh the irony!’

Power Boy Pip is the last person to pass judgement on councillor conduct and LRJ knows it!

We know this because we had the following exchange with LRJ on the 25 March 2016 :

Dear Wirral leaks,
The Story you have received is not true, I am fully reinstated as a Labour Party Councillor, I am also completely cleared of any wrong doing.
I was treated terribly by most of Wirral Labour group with only a few who were decent.
I have faced abuse by a group of parents who have tried to discredit me and make up false, slanderous statements including one post by a person who is a governor at Kingsway academy, chair of Merseyside Autistic Children’s society were you can only receive support if you agree with her, she is also and more worryingly working with WIRED the Carers charity commissioned by Wirral Council to support Parents in education who have SEND.
I have enclosed a screen shot of her post.
I only want to make a difference, I don’t stand on parade nor do I ask for thanks, I never want another young person go through what mine has. That’s my motivation nothing else.

Kind Regards,

Cllr Louise Reecejones
Proud trustee at TLC Network charity

Everything in our story is true. You were reinstated yesterday.

Read it again. Believe us – you got off lightly.We didn’t print all of the email because they couldn’t provide the evidence.
“I was treated terribly by most of Wirral Labour group…”  and ” I never want another person go through what mine has”  
Don’t play the victim –  do something about it!.
I have a right to play the victim after receiving what I have. 
We understand the suspension still stands and suspect the council will be taking matters further as well as dealing with the public spat with outgoing councillor Jim “Crabby” Crabtree.

Yehuda Bauer – the respected authority on the holocaust said : ‘Thou shalt not be a victim, thou shalt not be a perpetrator, but, above all, thou shalt not be a bystander.’ The choice is yours

The bold part makes it sound like it still relates to me, I have been fully cleared because I am completely innocent, I gave full accounts and documentation to the police, no money was ever missing but false invoices had been created when I was in hospital very poorly, this was an attempt to discredit me, nothing else and it hasn’t worked because unlike other I am not up to no good.

As for Crabby well he is one vile disgusting bully who goes around picking on women.

His words to me were, ” your a f@@@ing Deaf, Fat Bitch”

This was I front of school children at the holocaust memorial service.

Crabby refuses to answer to the complaint and will slope off as he has been deselected.

There is another one you may be interested in but I will give you her next week after I’ve met with the whip, some interesting times ahead with key people leaving the group at May’s elections, positions are up for grabs and scary times ahead for who will become chair of the group etc.

And I haven’t I have had him suspended and took him to task, I’m not an easy push over I just don’t believe this man should be near politics or vulnerable people.

You need to look higher up. Crabtree is a nonentity.

Oh I have stuff from a high up, all in good time xx
It’s prob worth noting that if I did as I was told over this case Labour would not of took it any further and I would not of been suspended. I was given an ultimatum and they were willing to brush over the accusation. I knew 100% I had done nothing so refused the offer with no hesitation. 
I had no idea what it was over until October when I went to see the CEO so that’s a lot of time to set me up.
First mistake – you put your trust in Burgess.
Oh no I’ve never put my trust in him at all, nor have I in the leadership of the group.

You do surprise me.Actually you don’t.Without being oppressive ,anyone with half a brain cell can see they’re winging it.  

Of course LRJ will never came up with the goods and Power Boy Pip won’t take her on because it’s mutually assured destruction. Moreover we’re sick to death of being told Crabtree had an incriminating file on the Labour group  if he ‘went down’ or that a file had been passed to the former wife of a former leader of Wirral Council as a negotiating tool during their acrimonious divorce.
And yet these pieces of crap are still allowed to make decisions about our lives and frankly we’ve had enough of it.
But we’ll leave the last word to someone in the know who tells us :
The police investigation had been underway for some time without LRJ’s knowledge and they were ready to arrest her Autumn 2015 when she presented herself at a police station after being tipped about the investigation by none other than the CEO Eric Robinson. We only found out a few weeks ago as they were trying their best to stop us finding out. 
So LRJ was sanctioned for breach of confidentiality and Stressed Eric wasn’t?
How does that work?  Perhaps the Standards and Constitutional Committee can explain?

43 thoughts on “LRJ Confidential

  1. My Lord,

    You are a remarkable man. The Aussie is a remarkable Aussie. The Highbrow has a remarkable high vis (ion).

    And I am not forgetting all the other decent men and women….. who address the truth… here….. and there……and everywhere.

    I admire ye all.

    And especially your cyber platform my Lord…..

  2. G’day Leaky

    You hearten me and cheer me up this morning.

    I never would have guessed that this pack of crud, dross and shite were actually this nice.

    I thought they were much worse.




    Luv you L XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and your work

    There is no place in local bin and shit collecting for politics.

    How come people/bullies like “Crapapple” never leave the playground and people like “Philly Liar” think they can lie, lie and lie and believe their lies to be true.

    See “Highbrow’s” latest FOI.

    I do though suppose they learn all of big fat Uncle Joe’s big town small penis mentality.

    “Interested give that boomerang a double bunga.

    • I would certainly like to give Sir Git a double bunga……it might help him to recall a bit more…

  3. Shocking spelling and grammar in Reece-Jones’s emails. And this woman is a councillor and serves on committees? Shame on her.

  4. What a load of tosh, I’ve known LRJ a while now and this is not how she writes. LRJ is much more guarded in writing so I don’t believe this is from her. It may of come from people close to her but your talking absolute rubbish.
    I watch your blog and enjoy it, this is really scraping the barrel as you clearly have nothing.

    LRJ has helped many children across Wirral and beyond, without her help children would have suffered more and families would be in crisis. You should look at those working with Surjit Tour who want to make money from what LRJ does for free.

    People need to wake up now and realise WIrral Labour don’t want good people so they get rid.

    • We understand your loyalty but the correspondence is genuine . What’s more Wirral Council seem to think so too.
      However we have to say we agree with most of the comments you make.
      The point we’re making is that nobody’s hands are clean in this debacle.

    • Hi Louise. Back under a pseudonym with all the same spelling and grammar mistakes as the original article. Not the brightest bulb in the box are you?

  5. If evidence was ever needed, not that it was, that Wirral Council is a cesspit of backstabbing, corruption,concealment, lying, prevarication and cover ups this latest Wirralleaks confirms it.

    Has anything been done about the allegation of “False Invoices” which might be something to do with Mr.Crabtree`s late night telephone claim of a £19,000 fraud.?
    Perhaps this has also been kicked into the long grass by our political leaders.

    May 2018 cannot come to soon but I hazard a guess that the apathetic voters of the Wirral will return the same inept bunch to power.

    I sometimes think that I am pleased to be on my way out rather than on my way in to this world when I look at the appalling standard of politicians local and national.
    I do however worry at the country my grandchildren will inherit.

    • G’day Chas

      I worked at the Audit Commission and it is not easy for anyone to see anything they don’t want you to see.

      You would think in an organisation that size someone/anyone would be decent enough to hand up to The Lord those invoices.



      What people have to do or not do in this British wokforce/slavery.

      “Highbrow” is right, just look at Chelsea their will be revolution.

      The genius did history at Oxford you know, so he should know.

      Keep it up Chas for the good people of wirral.

      At least another fat arsed, shameless scum bag is leaving and taking his clock and number plate to some other poor organisation.

      We should haunt him till he does the RIGHT THING.

      Good people need to know.

  6. Still more of that “stay strong,Jimbo” character. A nonentity yet appointed as chair of Audit and Risk Committee for some 4 years.


    • Ahh Thanks “Highbrow”

      That is very kind…….

      Oh shit you weren’t talking to me your matey whistleblower were you………….that is what “Ankles”, “The ex-Dunny Chain Wearer” him from the “Brawl at the Hall in the Name of a Charity Ball” said in a supporting email to his bessie and criminal scum bag arsehole “Crapapple”

      I will remember for the rest of my life that “Crappy Apple” saying to us don’t come back me old mate.

      Ha ha ha he won’t be coming back to the sewer that is Brighton Street any time soon. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

      I wonder if he still picks up the dunderhead idiots from the Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee in his little bus and takes them to the pub or is it full of kids delivering for him?



      “The Pretend Friend” was the perfect dementia ridden fool to take over as the thicker than the chair chair.

      See you in court big boy.

      Along with “The Shyster” and his big obscene fucking WATCH and assorted retinue hanging off.

  7. A helping hand Mr Field …dont say us tax payers don’t give u anything, here it is on a plate, all wrapped up massive anti corruption ticks just for you

      • Who does the anti corruption field report to on anti corruption..
        An email per week to the boss(es) ccd into Mr Robinsons wife exactly what we have to know, read and weep about on a daily basis

  8. One point to make – LRJ was found to ‘not be credible’ by an independent investigator. This is not someone standing and pointing calling LRJ a liar based on gossip but someone whose reputation and future work depends upon completing a fair and balanced investigation.

    LRJ’s word does not hold any weight of truth and this has been proven. From the post above it’s a fair guess that ‘inside voice’ is LRJ herself as there are still her trademark grammatical errors……it should have been ‘you’re’ not ‘your’ dearie.

    • G’day Tamster

      Anyone who sides with “Philly Liar” and stands alongside could never ever be believed.

      He stands there and lies through his teeth and all the dumb bunnies behind him say “Hear Hear”.

      The man is a Caldy mambie pambie mummies tory boy dressed in red and they all take it up the arse with his pink blubbering cheeks flaunting public lies.

      For £8,000 and anything else they can sit around listening to with absolutely no input.



      Luv you Leaks and your growing number of disgruntled. XXXXXXXXXX

    • Oh the victim speaks!
      Why not tell everyone how you worked with mr Tour, claimed money for expenses while working for Wirral education department.
      Not all officers are stupid! Not all officers believe you are genuine.
      Little poor me act is sickening.
      Hang your head in shame!!

      Maybe worth finding out what the past of her friends are …

      Mmmmmm maybe LRJ should be asking this question too?????

      • Ahh.. the narcissist speaks.. Don’t you just hate it when you’re not getting the little pats on the back any more? Don’t you just hate it when all the parents no longer hold you up as some elevated being? The veil has dropped, and the mist has cleared. LRJ has been laid bare for all to see.

      • For the record ‘I have never worked with Mr Tour’ and if I have legitimately claimed expenses I do not see the drama you allude to – be aware ‘inside voice’ that all recent cyber harrassment is being investigated actively by the appropriate people. Hiding behind a pseudonym isn’t brave and will not protect you.

  9. I’m sure since she says she was completely exonerated, and told to “keep doing what you are doing” then she can post the CPS decision for all to see.

  10. G’day Leaksville

    Can I ask a favour?

    If I forget tomorrow can you remind me at lunchtime that I haven’t written to you.

    It is a momentous six years tomorrow since I blew the whistle to Adderley and Basnett under his childish “football shirt” with his name on the back.


    It had the sponsors on the front



    lets not forget the disgrace that is “CRAPAPPLE” and his “if anything happens to me file”, whatever that says.

    Probably, “got to take the piss pots from the Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee to the pub in the bus after meeting on Tuesday”.



    What has changed six years on other than the meter is still ticking on £200,000.00 plus defending reputations.

    Luv you to the sewer in Brighton Street and back L XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • I have this wonderful vision of Crabtree furtively making copies for his “if anything happens to me” file, sneaking them out of the building whilst wearing dark glasses and a mac with the collar turned up, and delivering them under the cover of darkness to his trusted friends and family for safekeeping, with strict instructions to tell no one… only for half of Wirral to know about it the following day!

  11. Whistleblower 1


    5 July 2017


    G’day Leaks

    5 July 2011 I sat in the big office with AdderleyDadderleyDoolally and his dogsbody “The Chamber Potty” who at that time was his, do anything for him go to “Invest in Thyself Wirral” partner in crime, so to speak. Still, is just a different place, don’t you know who my husbands are?

    There I was for a couple of hours telling them what they already knew, but ignored, underneath a ridiculously childish “football shirt”, with his fucking name on the back would you believe?
    A grown man sitting proudly under his “rotten lying name” boasting about how he had contacts at the cops, HMRC and how his panel of experts were infallible and nothing could possibly be wrong.


    There she sat listening to his shit, no doubt again, black roots showing and supporting her favourite, purple faced, stinking ashtray, bully of a buffoon.

    I didn’t know at the time the extent being about a £2,000,000.00 knock off but knew it was enough to close them down and make arrests and get money back.

    So I cost the council about 2 hours of listening to bullshit.

    I have never done an FOI to cost them any money.

    I never asked for a job although Tour and Jones told “Highbrow” they wouldn’t give me a job.

    So I haven’t cost anything and tried to save the £2,000,000.00 at least.

    They have spent

    Meetings between Jones, Davies, Tour.

    They must have had meetings to continue to pay the criminals at Wirral Bizz for a further 18 months.

    Promoted AdderleyDadderleyDooLally to Super Director and then he retired with £250,000.00 to and equivalent job. I am still on dole.

    Internal Audit

    Beverley Edwards report that vindicated whistleblowers and found criminal activity unreported by their ill Legal Department 3 months work and she disappeared as hid her report for a long time.

    Dave Garry spent time superseding Beverley Edwards Report with a croc of shit not fit for purpose report hidden for some time and then it was rubbished and Garry left with about £40,000.00.

    They employed Grant (Chocolate Teapot) Thornton their auditor as an independent examiner HA HA HA at £50,000.00 plus which vindicated whistleblowers and suggested police intervention.

    They hid that report for quite some time.

    “Highbrow” went to the police and got a crime number but after they did nothing told “Highbrow” nothing because he was no longer the complainant WBC was despite one of the coppers saying it was fraud.

    No case to answer HA HA HA HA

    DCLG did an examination and again vindicated whistleblowers and suggested a claw back of £250,000.00.

    Was it ever clawed back ha ha ha you would never get an honest answer out of “Philly Liar”.

    I am getting very bored now Lordy.

    The hours that would have been spent by the criminal thicker than the chair Chair of The Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee at great expense.

    Who could forget the farce of a public meeting into Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods on 8 October 2014 that Burgess cancelled at the last minute due to a meeting in Wakefield that didn’t exist and he resigned/retired the next day.

    Burgess and Adderley stood there and lied publicly and Tour and Grant (Chocolate Teapot) Thornton sat back (not in the public interest) and let them LIE, LIE and LIE.

    “Highbrow” and other allies must have put in about 60 FOI’s (not one from me) and they defended them because they knew of all their cock ups all the way to the Information Commissioner.

    I do hope this is one of the reasons Tour has been pointed to the door in the Wirral public interest.



    So Leaksville I have been dumped on the dole and not treated according to their very own whistleblowing contract and only cost them two hours to save them £2,000,000.00.

    I have never asked them for anything other than to get back Wirral public money.

    I am now stuck in this, to me God forsaken, county.



    I pity them Lodsville for what they do for the £

    • Well that is The Great Wirral Biz/Council Scandal… in a nutshell. Frankly it is fucking embarrassing…

      I feel as if I should apologise but it’s the fucking Council that should be apologising….

      (Please excuse my Langee)

  12. Well Blow Me Down Leaky and “Interested”

    When I thought there was no decency left in this fucking country.

    A reader of yours Leaks has offered me gratis a single or return ticket to Australia to see my family.

    I am sworn to secrecy on who it is but being the proud man I am I have refused the wonderful offer…………………….. with one proviso.



    The proviso being in case of an emergency.

    I would then only accept it as a LOAN.

    This reader L is not connected in any way to wirral or the scandal but apparently likes my stance.

    Luv you L, “Interested” and ?????? ????? and God Bless you.


  13. G’day Leaks

    Every day another gem.

    Its about time Leaky that “Ecca”, “Spotty Dog”, “Eccles Cake Face”, “The Blinking CEO” Robinson apologised unreservedly to Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistleblowers and the wirral public.

    In the rubbish paper from over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters

    Councillor sent texts saying she could use position to “shut up” fraud investigators

    C’mon “Ecca” tell us they/you don’t think they are gangsters and disreputable scum bags, with at least one criminal conviction.

    “Philly Liar” has not only hid reports and lied publicly he defends these parasites.

    Then “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING Dill” has the audacity to talk shit about luxury golf resorts and no doubt has plans to go to the Commonwealth Games in Australia.

    I am too angry to continue.



    get rid of

    and the rest of the useless Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management committee

    in no particular order.



    Oh Lordy I hope I haven’t forgot anyone.


  14. G’day Lordsville

    What is wrong with this fucking place?

    I think, I would stand corrected, I just heard Roger Lightbulb on that rubbish radio station over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters say that we have a culture on Merseyside of not grassing (whistleblowing).

    For Pete’s fucking sake he went on to say there should be an exception for dog shitters and scrambler bikes. You should dob them in.

    No wonder the old blokes down the pool of a morning think getting free money from the clowncil is fair game.



    I understand now that orrible lttle welsh leprechaun, scum bag Jones saying to “Highbrow” you don’t understand. What a vile little man with an audit trail. His words.

    Rock on Lawless wirral.


    Local Government 101: Never sign a contract.

  15. They laud ” not grassing” as if it is a virtue. They deride getting on in life as if it is a sin. Generation after generation never move on because it is ingrained from birth that doing well for yourself is frowned upon. The parents should hang their heads in shame. It is their own bigoted insecurity (you’re not allowed to be better than the self appointed head of the family) that keeps their kids in the gutter.

    Yet they pretend they are better than the rest of the country! They know they’re not and to cover up for it they play the fool, talk about the “gays” down south (universal slur from the Wirral men in my experience when they feel less than…) and daren’t complain about the leaders they voted in because it would mean they had to admit they were wrong. So they throw good votes after bad, election after election.

    You cannot admit you are wrong if you are from Wirral. Oh no, you have to lie, deny, and blame the victim. They are fools, illiterate fools.

      • ROGER Phillips on radio downgrading public interest disclosures? Have the revelations over last ten years not dispelled that misconception? My word without these disclosures corruption, incompetence would flourish like the new strains of std’s that have no effective vaccines.

        Pid is as unpleasant to those that do it as it appears to be for MR Phillips but it is not miserable creatures who do it, far from it, these people are not followers, not sheep, but independently minded..and often brave.

      • Phillips is a Deputy Lieutenant of Merseyside.
        Just like Frank Field.
        He’s also an antiquated self -opinionated upholder of the establishment.
        Just like Frank Field.

    • Tommy Tommy Tommy

      Why aren’t there more of you that will speak up against the crud, dross and bile of wirral Borough Clowncil?

      They are nothing special Tommy as you can see.

      Why would anyone vote for these “Stay strong Jimbo” school yard bullies.

      Why wouldn’t “Ecca” “The Blinking CEO” get rid.



      Oh yea they pay him £200,000.00 to allow them to be above the law.

      Suck shit Jimbo.

      Keep up the decent work Tomster X

    • Here’s a name many won’t have heard: John Roberts.

      Former CEO of MANWEB (Merseyside & North Wales Electricity BOARD)

      – Board – being the operative word. But he didn’t like it being a BOARD did he? And agreed with John Major, and all the other board CEOs that it should become a PLC, for “competition” (pronounced C – A – R – T – E – L), for better value for customers, certainly not for corporate greed, and definitely better value for Mr Roberts as he cashed in his very large shares option, made overnight on a dark day for the public way back in 1995.

      Anyway, to bring it back on subject, Mr Roberts was also awarded with a Deputy Lieutenantcy here on Merseyside and stands alongside the great and the good, the Roger Phillips, the Frank Field, the blah, blah, blah, nameless heads, nameless portraits on equally nameless walls in some safe, sprinkler protected mansion with attractive fireproof cladding, where no doubt they network and have banquets with all the trimmings, paid for by the ignorant and romantic taxpayer, the people who are unfortunate enough to burn in their beds when it all goes wrong. The people who complain to their local council again and again to fucking no avail, or ring up London’s version of Roger Phillips to vent their anger on the radio shows, and whose input to the radio show keeps the profits rolling in for Tory owned LBC and others, too numerous to mention here The people who in their daytime jobs even blow the whistle on their crooked and reckless, but protected by the bent judiciary employers, despite being forewarned by Roger Phillips that it’s not the done thing or it’s terribly passe or even harmful to good people don’t you know?

      • G’day Paul

        I was listening to Roger Lightbulb last week and a genuine caller phoned in to praise the organisation of that cancer run in Sefton Park and he raved about it.

        So Mr Lightbulb got on his high horse as he lives near the park apparently and waxed lyrical about the wonderful city and the wonderful people and how great it is,

        Then the bloke sat him right back on his overfed arse by saying a lot of the competitors cars were broken into.



        People of the calibre of those thieves at wirral.

        Much respect Paul and Leaks XXXXXXXXXXXX

  16. G’day Paul & Leaky

    I was listening to Roger Lightbulb the other day and a nice genuine bloke was raving about the organisation, fun and generosity of everyone at the cancer run in Sefton Park.

    So Rog got on his high horse as he apparently lives near the park and said what a wonderful place Liverpool is and the people are brilliant and a beautiful area full of lovelies.

    Then the bloke sat him right back down on his fat, overfed arse and told him how a number of cars had been broken into.



    The calibre of the people at wirral disguised as clowncillors lying and cheating over the public purse.

    Led by “Philly Liar”.

    Much luv and respect Paul and Leaksy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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