Secret Chamber


Above is a picture of the rather splendid council chamber at York Guildhall.  The admirable  York Mix website tells us that it will be here next week that a group of senior councillors are challenging City of York Council (CYC) leader Cllr David Carr to publish  a ‘secret report’.

Secret Report

Regular Wirral Leaks readers will know that our interest is piqued by the fact that we understand the report follows a Local Government Association (LGA) investigation into  what Stewart Halliday got up to before he landed a £200K +  ‘transformer’ gig at Wirral Council.

What also interests us is the sheer persistence of CYC councillors in pursuing this matter in the public interest. Can you imagine Wirral Council’s equivalent to CYC’s Audit & Governance Committee writing a cross- party letter to the leader of the Council asking for a report to published in the name of openness and transparency?

Indeed if they were doing their jobs properly there’s a particular ‘secret report’ that Wirral Council’s Audit & Risk Management Committee should be asking to be published. The sad fact is that half of this committee don’t even know what report we’re referring to and the other half know exactly what report we are referring to and are choosing to sweep the matter under the Wallasey Town Hall carpet !




7 thoughts on “Secret Chamber

  1. I reckon the French Elvis will know a fair few songs about ‘Secrets’.

    Get a few ales down him and let’s get him singing in downtown Birko…..

    • G’day “Int”

      I luv to see you write at……..4.33am…what the…….

      Do you know mate what my new nickname for the scum bag arseholes at wirral like

      The Raving Looney Tory I can’t bring myself to name the old cunt
      Robinson any one of


      I call them


      They can’t keep their big fat gobs shut enough when it comes to crud and dross at wirral in the name of public service.



      They all wish they were like “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” and get off to Trumpland, Reno and other place USA at the taxpayers expense.

      They will keep their gobs shut on anything for selfish reasons.

      When do you think they will fess up Mr “Interested” on Wirral “Funny” Bizz my computer is running out of ink.


      Go get some sleep mate.

  2. G’day Leaky

    Talking of secrets and secret funny business.

    When is someone going to spill who’s idea it was with Wirral “Funny” Bizz, BIG, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods £2,000,000.00 knock off to ignore two fabulous whistleblowers

    That would be me and the GREAT “Highbrow” Leaks. TOOT TOOT

    Who hid the Beverley Edwards Report?

    Who got Dave Garry to write a croc of shit Report to replace Beverley’s and then pay him off £40,000.00?

    Who decided to pay to pay Grant (Chocolate Teapot) Thornton £50,000.00+ to investigate and then hide that report.

    Who decided to hide the Lockwood Engineering asset stripping and then when discovered who in the ill Legal Department said do nought?

    Who got the Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee to turn a blind eye?

    Who decided Adderley and Burgess would stand and lie in public at his farce of a meeting of
    8 October?



    It gets more like the USA every day.

    Lets hide our sins.

    They think they can act like a TRUMPet.

    and get away with it.


  3. It surprises me that York Council are attempting to conceal the L.G.A. report.
    As I understand it, such reports are invariably a white wash of whatever misdemeanours have been committed by the senior ranks of a Council.
    Could this one be the exception?

    Whilst on the Halliday subject.
    His three months contract extension, with which our beloved C.E.O. is “comfortable”, will allow him to trouser around a further £45,000.00 of our money.
    This is several times the ANNUAL salary of many of the Council Tax payers who are funding this benevolence.
    Never mind. It should give us a warm glow to know that such a talented public servant will see in Christmas in some style.

    As Private Eye often declares “Drinks all round. The Wirral Tax payer is picking up the bill,”

    • Well done Chas

      It makes my blood boil that 65 supposed decent people sit back and let this happen.

      It is corrupt and indecent for these people to be paid more than four decent, honest, public servants who actually want to serve the public.

      What fucking good is a Halliday going to do that someone on £40,000.00 couldn’t do.



      wirral becomes a bigger shit hole year on year.

      They close Lyndale, Girtrell Court, let Wirral “Funny” Bizz walk away with £2,000,000.00 and then spend £200,000.00 defending their incompetence, bring in Burgess, Halliday, Robinson to shelter their crudeness.

      Bring in administration.

      Dump the shit that is

      et al

      and get wirral moving forward.

      The suck holes at wirral that let them get away with this crud, immorality and indecency and don’t speak up Weinstynerish should hang their heads in shame.


  4. Reading the York blog brings back memories of our struggle Aussie with the exception that in York councillors are openly questioning Council secrecy and cover up.

    The only ones I remember putting their heads above the parapet were Lib dems.

    For the rest the HALLIDAY episode is like Wirralbiz. Wirralbiz scam was however at least ten times as expensive.

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