Sex and the Establishment

What The Cleaner Saw

Ooh we knew that headline would grab your attention.

We couldn’t let the news pass that Wirral Council want to take the moral high ground on the matter of ‘Peachez’ the self-styled ‘gentleman’s club’ in Conway Street , Birkenhead and put further obstacles in the way of the lap dancing joint to ensure it closes down.

The latest move to prevent the ‘gentlemen’ of Birkenhead getting a bit of , er , titillation is to introduce new ‘sex licensing’ measures which are over and above current legal requirements.

The proposals would mean that there would be an assessment  that the owner of a ‘sex establishment’  would need to be  “honest” and “qualified by experience to run the type of sex establishment in question”. If only some of the born again Town Hall Puritans were subject to the same scrutiny when it comes to honesty!

What’s more from what we’ve heard about the sex lives of the establishment on Wirral there have been a series of dalliances that would make even Linda Lovelace gag. Talking of which remind us one day to tell you about the carry on at Wirral University Teaching Hospital !

Moreover with the release of the Taxpayer’s Alliance annual Town Hall Rich List 2018 which features several Wirral Council officers we can’t help thinking there are more people in Wallasey Town Hall acting immorally in exchange for money than you shake a pair of nipple tassels at! And so it would seem that money and power are potent aphrodisiacs for some – which let’s face it is the only way to explain some of the sexual encounters we’ve heard about over the years. Size does matter – the size of the bank balance to be precise.

Might we therefore suggest that Wirral Council  tries to get its own house of ill repute in order before it starts banning a bit of bump’n’ grind?



13 thoughts on “Sex and the Establishment

  1. One thing most politicians would never do is pimp their own daughter to a debauched power broker in return for political favours and in the hope of climbing up someone’s greasy pole.

    But, very sadly………. not all.

  2. Dear Lord Julian surely the rich list should name names rather “Unknown” apart from feeble Eric, perhaps you can name names for the benefit of the rate payers of the Wirral.

  3. G’day Leaks

    I still haven’t got an answer from anyone about why the Clowncil would pay £7,000.00+ of costs on “Highbrow’s” case last Tuesday.

    Are the giving all “not our money anyway” to just anybody.



    Is it just an admission of guilt?

    Who else have they given money to for nothing apart from the £2,000,000.00 they gifted Wirral “Funny” Bizz?

    Ecca Ecca Ecca what a waste of money paying you.


    “Philly “FUCKING” Liar out of Tranmereierde


    Any word Leaky on the old goat Hale that said “Highbrow” should apologise?

    What was his use by date 1980?


  4. In order Pension contributions by council
    Eric Robinson £169073 £22994
    Joe Blott £121248 £16475
    Alexander Fish £121169 £16475
    Graham Hodkinson £112987 £15264
    Julia Hassell £112233 £15264
    David Armstrong £107189 £14564
    Clair Fish £91935 £13147

    These figures were from Wirral Council figures E&OE Add the two figures and that what the elite have cost Wirral ratepayers.

    No doubt you will check my information before going public & what was the prize by the way.

  5. G’day Leaky

    There football team is not in the Champions League finals………… again ah.

    They are just all round losers particularly Foulkes and the Davies’.

    I was just going to suggest to Adrian “I’ll fuck you over friend or foe Jones just for my Allowances” who is also the “Thicker than the Chair Chair of the Risk It and Fudge It Mis-Management Committee”


    get his gang of labor halfwits on the committee to look into why the “Sir Git ill-Legal Department paid the costs of £7,000.00 plus when “Highbrow” was unsuccessful in his case this week.

    Did they feel guilty?

    Did they just want to give that slime ball barista £7,000.00?

    Did that “lovely” judge just fancy “Highbrow?



    The (wirral taxpayer) judge was in complete control and kept giving the fat faced, massive arsed, barista and his able solicitor dogsbody with the face like a smacked arse that hadn’t seen the sun since Adderley and Basnett lied to me seven years ago clues like

    What about jurisdiction Mr How do you want to talk to that.


    when Mr How asked for a break probably to have a shit she suggested he talked on the phone about costs.

    Oh “Pretend Friend” £7,000.00 for a fucking barista that was guided around to beat a layman claiming £5,000.00???????????

    The judge did it all for him.



    Oh Lordy they just have a never ending pot of your dosh and they don’t care how they spend it as long as they get their allowances.




    No 6 tonight Leaky just to wind them up some more and their big fat Uncle Joe


    Luv ya

    • I think the lovely judge, Michelle, for she was indeed lovely, was delighted to have been dealt a rather unique and intriguing case on another tedious Tuesday in downtown Frank Fieldsville.

      But when the small claims of the little people collide with the charging rhinoceros of UK Justice, the outcomes are always predictable.

      After a tense start, she visibly relaxed and got into her stride, knowing that the unusually large public gallery of three recently frisked middle-aged men was not going to kick off or start hurling their shoes at her.

      And how wonderful to dispense some leniency on the costs front to a well-spoken, well-presented professional, even though he wasn’t fully cognisant with the foreboding, closely-typed tome of Civil Procedure Rules that everyone tripped over on the way in. How generous to have the £7,000 diluted between hundreds of thousands of council tax payers.

      Justice served.

      Even if a shoe-fight had started, I think her well-aimed, pin-striped high heels would have quickly taken out two and sent the other idiot scrambling for cover. So we were outgunned on every front.

    • My Lord,

      Imagine you are walking through good old Birko (Somewhere pedestrianised) and it is v wet and raining. And next sec you are up in the air and then frown on your arse. Ouu and you have got more than a sore arm, you have got a cracking injury.

      That FUCKING manhole cover is all slippy and slimey and the words on it all worn down….

      (to be continued)

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