The Big Lie

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it..”

There will be no wacky pictures, no funny puns and we won’t be referencing the above quote (if you don’t know it – Google it). This post will be fuelled by anger and frustration.

Anger and frustration at the news that there is a yet another damning report about Wirral Council in the pipeline. This time it’s an Ofsted report concerned with Children’s Services.

Eagle -eyed Leaks readers will have noted from previous posts and comments that we knew this was on the horizon. And inevitably what we have witnessed today is the first instalment of an exercise in damage limitation and reputation management for which Wirral Council is so well known  with a carefully controlled ‘leak’ to the Liverpool Echo.

Now if Liverpool Echo want to be Liptrotsky’s lapdog that’s between them , their advertising revenue and their tawdry ‘exclusives’. But it doesn’t mean we’re buying their bullshit and it doesn’t mean that most of us don’t know what Wirral Council are up to.

Sorry – you may have noticed but we can’t get worked up about bins or dog crap at Leaky Towers when we get confirmation that Wirral Council is failing to safeguard children and meet their educational needs.

The most damning indictment of  any  local authority is that the safety and life choices of our most vulnerable are compromised. Of course we’ve been here before with this wretched Council haven’t we?. Just as we’ve heard the platitudes and the promises dribbling out of the mouths of Council Leader and his Chief Executive when they’ve been rumbled.

I think we can all agree that the risible ‘Most Improved Council in Britain’ tag can finally be consigned to history – we note that it is conspicuously absent from Wirral Council correspondence we’ve recently received. Yes that’s right – Wirral Council have been directly in touch  with us for the very first time. But more about that another time.

I suppose we shall have to wait for the intervention of interfering Birkenhead MP Frank Field making demands for the resignation of those responsible for the findings in the upcoming report, just like he did in the past with former Wirral Council CEO Steve Maddox and  Director of Children’s Services Howard Cooper. Both of whom were rewarded for their varied and manifest failings with an OBE.

Or perhaps not. Field will no doubt play his part in perpetuating  ‘The Big Lie’.

So we’ll do it for him instead –   CEO Eric Robinson  , Head of Children’s Services  Julia Hassall , Corporate Safeguarding Manager  Simon Garner ,  Council Leader Phil Davies ,Children Services Lead Cllr Tony Smith, People Overview and Scrutiny Committee Chair Cllr Moira McLaughlin  – RESIGN NOW


11 thoughts on “The Big Lie

  1. G’day Leaky

    In the local rubbish propaganda sheet

    Cllr Chris Blakeley 7:31pm Fri 16 Sep 16
    Now what was that about ‘Most Improved Council’.

    We all know that the vulnerable are not safe under this Labour administration in Wirral, you only have to reference Lyndale School and Girtrell Court.

    It really is time the Leader of the Council accepted that he has failed and do the honourable thing and resign!

    This pile of crap, crud and dross of wirral had their chance over Wirral “Funny” Bizz and her that spends her days in the hair salon and was going to sort them out at Burgess’s farce of a public meeting into Big ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods and didn’t even bother to turn up and has resigned are as good as………… “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill’s” gang of incompetents as epitomised by “Ankles the ex Dunny Chain Wearer from the Brawl at the Hall at the Charity Ball” and “Crapapple” sh sh say no more.

    BRING IN SOME ADMINISTRATION and get rid of parasites like the gang of joness’ and daviess’.



    What people will do to try to get popular.


    • We’re waiting for Cllr Jeff Green to be “outraged” and then all the boxes will have been ticked.
      Some Wirral Councillors need to decide whether they’re political opportunists and part of the problem or committed public servants and part of the solution.

    • G’day Brenda

      I do hope you are related to Stuart Kelly the only one of 66 and a rabble of senior officers to show any cojones over Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off…..




      If you are related be very very proud.

      65 other people supposedly opinionated clever people acted like a gang of welsh sheep following their half wit leaders.



  2. G’day Leaky

    The original BIG lie on 5 July 2011.

    Wirral “Funny” Bizz Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods.

    AdderleydadderleyDooLally “No Big recipient had gone bad.

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Not one, not two, not three and on and on and Lockwood/Harbac asset stripping to boot.

    How many more you muppets at wirral you are still hiding the rest of the list of recipients.

    Garry rewarded with £46,000.00 AdderleydadderleyDooLally became a super duper director and paid off with dirty filthy lucre.



    Lest we forget.


    They are an absolute disgrace to themselves their families and their alma maters God Bless Stuart Kelly.

  3. So drug users are now dying on the streets because of the failure of a newly commissioned service by the LA, and now we have OFSTED damning childrens services in the borough! What next? I despair!

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