Whistling in the Wind


A senior Wirral Councillor writes :

I have been reading your recent postings with considerable interest.Your commentary on ‘life’ at the Town Hall has always been useful both as a background and a signpost, often well informed.You must have had well placed sources. I hope your successor rises to the occasion. I hope that your move to sunnier climes provides you with the retirement living you have looked forward to.

His Lordship replies :

Just to let you know we’re as probing of our sources as we are of our subjects. Unfortunately we have so many more stories that we haven’t published because our sources get frightened or they want to use us for personal grievances. We’d rather not know. The shame of it is though – we didn’t make a blind bit of difference,did we?

We shall observe local developments from afar and hope that the people of Wirral realise they deserve better representation. 

It’s rather endearing that Wirral Council have blocked us from accessing their website as if it was our main source of information . Bless! Of course our sources were always well placed and often surprisingly well placed to the throne of lies.

However we have to say we think the heady days of whistleblowing are about to become a distant memory. And that’s not to say that Wirral Council have changed their ways – it’s just that potential whistleblowers have learned the lessons from history and now seem either want to simply keep schtum, use what they know as an opportunity for career advancement /financial gain or to armourplate their arse against potential retribution. The public interest doesn’t come into it !


But who can blame them ?  Whereas we can provide a long list of the dishonest,the incompetent and corrupt who went on to be Chief Executives,Directors, Trustees elsewhere we can’t find one example of a Wirral Council whistleblower who’s career and livelihood wasn’t destroyed.

Will scandals such as the financial abuse of disabled people, Wirral Council doing business with an Organised Crime Group, the illegal 4 week delay in care packages in the Department of Adult Social Services , the illegal implementation of the Discretionary Housing Benefit scheme , Misconduct in Public Office,the sexual indiscretions of senior management , the misuse and abuse of grant monies , theft, fraud,racism, gross mismanagement and waste of public money etc; etc; ever see the light of day again?

Let’s consider a couple of examples – firstly the Wirralgate complainants. They have been called many things but ‘whistleblowers’ they ain’t. We were always being told by others that they’d send us their tawdry tapes. They never did – as they knew we’d publish in the public interest in a heartbeat. They’re quite happy for Liverpool Echo and Wirral Globe to have the incriminating recording as they know that they’d never publish the contents in a million years. And what’s more it makes a great bargaining tool doesn’t it?

Which brings us to the latest incarnation of a Wirral Council ‘whistleblower’. This time it’s someone emanating from the department with perhaps knows the most about Wirral Council’s wicked ways  – the Department of Legal Services.

We understand that a solicitor in this department has suddenly remembered her Solicitor’s Regulation Authority (SRA) Code of Conduct and has cried she can’t go along with the cover ups anymore , dropped out of a highly contentious case and engaged a solicitor of her very own to make sure she doesn’t suffer any detriment for doing so . Is it any wonder Wirral Council can’t recruit a new head for this department following the departure of the utterly appalling Surjit Tour who succeeded the absolutely appalling Bill Norman and have had to resort to what they call a ‘market supplement’ and what we’d call a ‘hush money premium’ to recruit an Assistant Director – Law and Governance?

The Employment and Appointments Committee held on 18 December 2017 were asked to consider the following :

In June 2017, Employment and Appointments Committee agreed to proceed
with recruitment of Assistant Director Law and Governance. This is currently an
Assistant Director/Director 2 post with a salary range (£79,259 – £92,854)
The Council advertised this post in August 2017 but did not appoint at this time.
As set out in the 27 June 2017 report this remains a competitive market across
the Country. This is a statutory post and a critical role within the Senior
Leadership Team. It is therefore proposed to re-advertise at Director 2 level with a market supplement of up to 5% for the right candidate (£83,568-– £92,854(+5%)

We’re sure we all know what they mean by ‘ the right candidate’  to take this poisoned chalice don’t we boys and girls? The sad fact is that they’ll undoubtedly find someone!

But to finish on a more optimistic note here’s to all the leakers, whistleblowers , mavericks, outsiders, truth tellers, truth seekers and good people of Wirral . May 2018 be our year!




12 thoughts on “Whistling in the Wind

  1. Happy New Year Leaksville

    Almost 7 years on since the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 scandal that “Philly “FUCKING” Liar” the deluded half wit says was a success.

    Adderley says its not our money anyway.

    Low intellect dim witted followers Davies, Jones, Jones, Foulkes, Abbott, Doughty, Williamson et al what a collection of dullards fucking idiots.




  2. My Lord. That is some revelation to end the year on.

    I wonder whether the senior “whistleblowing” insider in the Legal Department has been up to her own neck in indefensible, immoral, abnormal conduct, supportive of a bent Director of Law and a basket case council in the past?

    If so – and it seems highly likely – one is forced to ask a few questions…

    ◽Why now?
    ◽Why the change of heart?
    ◽What was the full extent of your own harmful complicity?
    ◽Where is the dividing line between the acceptable and the unacceptable?
    ◽How deeply toxic is your information?
    ◽Is a seriously large pay-off in the offing?
    ◽Is now an opportune moment given your own career, lifestyle and pension considerations?

    Happy New Year to whoever it is, because you’re no doubt reading this, with eyes on the prize / a potential disciplinary response, and cogitating on playing this extremely carefully.

    • Ouu…. ‘Juicy’ as the Indian in 0ne Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest might say.

      Maybe it is one of those women who was with Sir Git at that court case last year? (When Sir Git had his polite cough and ‘can’t recall’ mantra…..)

      • It’s Mrs Doubtfire,,,, she’ll have many disguises and just walk away like the rest without any remorse or action taken

  3. A now ex union rep told me they would never again advise a member to WB or make a formal bullying grievance.Because the outcome for the WB is usually more bullying , allegation of misconduct and loss of job .

    • That would appear to be the usual Modus Operandi.
      What shocks us is not how the organisation protects itself but how the employees within the organisation protect themselves by turning on the whistleblower.What a wonderful place to work it must be. And they wonder why they’ve still got a terrible sickness record!

      • G’day Leaky

        They must go home kick the cat and tell their kids never never speak up and be honest.



        What a sick society full of cowards and weasels.

        Don’t go Lordy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. No James , they go home slap on their £150.00 a jar face cream and book their third annual foreign holiday . No thought for the disabled person who is facing eviction .

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