WUTH – Carr Crash OUT, Sir Diddy IN

Here follows a further couple of more usual leaks from Wirral University Teaching Hospital (aka Arrowe Park & Clatterbridge hospitals) following yesterday’s report of the big water leak at APH:

I thought you would be interested in the fact that Michael Carr has resigned this week as Chairman of Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.It is likely that NHS Improvement advised him to stand down, following the resignation of David Allison, CEO.The Trust can only benefit from the replacement of both.

Henshaw 029

It comes as no surprise that Michael Carr the chair of WUTH hospital has ‘quit’ after a leaked report exposed widespread bullying at APH.

Carr Quits

This leaked report highlighted claims of “totally unacceptable” behaviour, evidence of “tribal divisions” and junior staff “set up to fail”. As we’ve previously reported regulator NHS Improvement is investigating “cultural, behavioural and governance issues” at WUTH .Of course this is all very familiar to Wirral Leaks readers as another source tells us :

It’s hellish in Arrowe (Park Hospital) , same problem as the Council, drone management and bullying….

Read more here :

WUTH : Leaks to Cascade

Advent Farewell 22 : WUTH – less this Christmas

So what does come as a surprise is that the appalling NHS Improvement – the expression ‘physician heal thyself’ comes to mind – has appointed another notorious bully ‘Sir’ Diddy David Henshaw as the interim chair!

Or perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise – have you noticed how the likes of Sir Diddy always find another  highly remunerated ride on the public sector merry go round after they’ve ‘retired’ with a bumper cheque ? Sir Diddy has previously ‘served’ as CEO of Liverpool and Knowsley Councils and left a trail of controversy in his wake.

You can do you own internet searches on this piece of work – but try this for starters : Henshaw’s Evil Cabal

One of the glowing eulogies comes from current Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy : “A man in whom I have no confidence and for whom I have no respect” – and that’s one of the kinder comments.

Inevitably late to the part comes along Frank Field ,wading in where he’s not wanted. Frankenfield wants to “ensure commissioners are sent in both to protect those staff providing an excellent service and with the instructions to root out the thugs and the bullies” : NHS Thugs

The hypocrisy on display here – even for Frankenfield – is absolutely staggering. This is the man who was instrumental in PREVENTING commissioners being sent in to Wirral Council in 2012 when a widespread and corrosive bullying culture was exposed. No consideration of the need to protect council staff or attempts to root out the thugs and bullies then was there ? Could it have been that Frankenfield  knew that some of the most prominent  ‘thugs’ and ‘bullies’ were in the local Labour group -and are still in positions of power?

Is it any wonder the inglorious legacy of this duplicity is that we now discover mental health sick days among Wirral Council staff is at an  eight year high. An ‘Absence Management’ report to be discussed at next weeks Employment and Appointments Committee states:

“A range of initiatives including a focus on mental health support are in place.These activities include targeted approaches for specific areas and universal programmes for all staff with an ethos to support all employees across the organisation.Monitoring and oversight has been further developed to ensure accountability at all organisational levels is in place.”

As you can tell from this anodyne management speak Wirral Council remains in denial it has a bullying culture. Until it does – it will remain a sick organisation.  Wirral University Teaching Hospital bosses and regulators take heed.


14 thoughts on “WUTH – Carr Crash OUT, Sir Diddy IN

  1. The merry go round is rife esp when you reach the dizzy heights of the old boys club…. I’m surprised that blinking Eric didn’t apply for the job or better still handed the job, hey better still I’m sure Liptrot will be his right hand man giving advice on how to glamorise a shitstorm. Good luck to the bloke will give him 6 months being a generous kind of woman it’s us staff on the ground that suffers

  2. 24 bullying grievances lodged between July 2013 and January 2014 when Sue Green was Director of HR at WUTH.

    She got paid off £203,000, joining hubby David (former Director of Highways (£104,000) on the merrygoround) with a plum job in Fazakerley Hospital waiting in the wings. Meanwhile the bullying got worse, and the board-sanctioned cover up proceeded, kicking in with renewed vigour.


  3. Wonder if abusive, hard right Labour’s Pip, Foulkesy, the Matron and pals have been measured up for brass knuckle dusters yet for when they’re called upon to apply:

    ◽a targeted approach to staff mental health
    ◽an ethos of support for sufferers
    ◽the full range of initiatives
    ◽monitoring and oversight

    We shall see.

  4. I like your use of the term ” anodyne management speak ”
    In my younger days it was known as “pure bull shit.”

  5. G’day Leakyville

    Its so nice to be back to you.

    I was thinking this morning.

    Are they corrupt?

    Are they incompetent?


    Do they just not give a shit as long as they are considered (by themselves only) to be doing well.

    They instead of looking good make themselves out to be hopless, nodding to the boss, weak, lilly livered yes people who can’t achieve any other way.



    They can just go nod and join committees, bully people to get on the bigger committees and get on the gravy train to Shitsville like Adderley, Burgess, Tour, Armstrong, Wilkie, Jones, Jones, Foulkes, Norman, Wilkie.

    Get out now Clowncillor Little Matty Patty and Clowncillor Emergency Ward 10 year old before you become stained with the same shit, crud and dross as your fearful leader “Philly “FUCKING” Liar who now has to keep on lying to survive.


    Wirral “Funny” Bizz is not going away till you apologise Ecca publicly.

    You fat, useless, overpaid BUFFOON.

  6. G’day Leaks

    People probably get bored reading me about Davies, Tour, Jones, Jones, Foulkes, Ball, Adderley Basnett, Bradbury, Norman, Wilkie et al let Wirral “Funny” Bizz knock off £2,000,000.00 of taxpayers hard earned and then when the whistle was blown continue to pay them for 18 months.


    You tell me.

    So I will change my tack for a while and follow BirkenBloodyHell’s new market, on the side.

    I will see if they improve on “Philly “FUCKING” LIar’s” uncle Joe.

    I will see if they do anything better.



    They count on people forgetting or getting bored with the issue.

    I won’t L.


    I bet you now it will be a waste of money and a complete disaster.


    They will all keep schtum and say nothing and blame no one and no one will blame them.

    4 March 2018

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  8. Could this possibly be another fitting end from employing people to try and manage a sector they have zero experience or appreciation of? Though it sounds like they haven’t learned much by recruiting from the same rancid resource pool.

    Do we know if the outgoing golden handshake recipients ever worked within the medical profession on the front line? I am suspecting not, but it’s worth asking in the interests of backing the call for employing those who have a personal understanding of the sector they are entrusted with managing.

    It reminds me of my time on the IT helpdesk at Telewest under a pair of feckless automatons ‘Supervisors’ with zero understanding of IT support problem solving but everything about ‘targets’ and SLAs.

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