Wirral Council Goes CWACC’ers


As the picture above shows basket case councils Wirral and Cheshire West & Cheshire Council (CWACC) have been signing something called a Concordat – although based on their past reputations Eldtritch thinks this should have been more accurately described as a “Clusterfuck Contract” rather than a Concordat .

 The stated intention is that both Councils share back office resources ( i.e. staff,IT etc;) saving an estimated £69 million. We understand the calculations behind this claim can be found on the back of a packet of Embassy Regal cigarettes which is exhibited in Williamson Art Gallery. However it would appear the upshot is we will have less people doing essential work and more people making decisions about who does this work – some of whom neither live or work on Wirral or indeed were voted by the people of Wirral to make these decisions.

Looking at the picture of Mike “The Boss” Jones (CWAC)  in the blue corner and Pip ” Not the Boss” Davies (Wirral) in the red corner we can only this Conservative-Labour alliance is more cordial than relations between the respective parties on the Wirral.
Although it must be said the colour co-ordinated ties is such a cliché. At least Comrade Burgesski remained neutral and matched his hair to his beautifully bleached teeth.
God knows who the little Hobbit creature in the ill-fitting suit and the red and blue tie (geddit?) on the left of Burgesski is but we suspect he may be making decisions about who sends you that threatening letter about non-payment of any number of taxes levied locally which have absolutely nothing to do with him.
You have been warned.

* In conjunction with this article Wirral Leaks will be running a caption competition for the above photograph.

Entrants from Cheshire West and Chester making references to the term “”them dickheads”  previously attributed by Cllr Jones to describe green site development protestors in Tattenhall will automatically be disqualified as we consider such language inappropriate on a site such as Wirral Leaks.

Mad Fraters Fee Party

MADFRATERSMy mental faculties were failing me for a moment when the name Michael Frater was mentioned (but please,please,please don’t put me in Fernleigh).
Thankfully the sprightly and pert Verity reminded me of Mr.Frater and his magnificent fees. £1,200 a day to be precise ( that IT guy on £800 a day should demand a recount – but not by the Department of Finance – managers have just been on a training course on how to master the the abacus) .

So reality cheque ( geddit?!) here’s one Mr.Frater’s invoices.
9 days “work” and £13,486.80 richer.


However former Director of Law Bill Norman sends his best wishes from the rolling hills of Herefordshire.
If it wasn’t for being Frater- nised he wouldn’t be nearly £150K better off………
So anytime you hear Wirral Council pleading poverty – never mind the multi-million pound loans to other Councils…. remember this and weep.

Here’s the rest


StatelyWe’re just so grateful that the Good Lord and Lady are exempt from Bedroom Tax.Visiting Leaky Towers enables us to take our minds off our Atos assessments and marvel that the majesty of upper class privilege continues into the 21st century….”

Ciao Leakers!  Have you been bereft of the filth and the fury?.

Fear not the Good Lady and I are back from our summer sojourn on the Italian Riviera.

Our annual jaunt normally takes place before the hoi polloi and their ghastly offspring descend upon the continent. Indeed we did used to have a bolt-hole in the Algarve, but when we found out a leading figure in Wirral Council had a place there we thought that it was “time to move on” (which is a phrase Wirral Council usually use when something embarrassing turns up ……. ).

In absentia ( which I must point out is not that quaint little Italian village where her Ladyship had a little too much Limoncello) Verity has been keeping the press cuttings,watching the Youtube clips,following the blogs and keeping the lines of communication open for our faithful band of leakers and shakers.

And my oh my – it’s been business as usual (or unusual) hasn’t it? Machiavelli would most certainly have approved!

We were particularly disappointed to have missed the Council meeting on July 15th with guest appearances from whistle-blowers Hobro and Morton and an apparently molto furioso Deputy Mayor. Eyewitness Eldritch describes Foulksey as “having a head like a haemorrhoid – red,swollen and angry”  (see video Here – 2mins in)



Verity particularly recommended this blog for an update on part of the proceedings :

However we’ve been in the summerhouse catching up on a few items of interest which we will be sharing shortly.